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Stuck In The Middle With You

By babyseraph 9 in the Style of Stealers Wheel
184 views 20 comments 3
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Gambit's Guild Weekly Challenge ~ Movie Soundtracks Reservoir Dogs

Chantilly Lace

By babyseraph 9 in the Style of Big Bopper
180 views 21 comments 5+
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YOU CAN DO IT DUET CONTEST Final Round BONUS song: #22. Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace

By babyseraph 9 Featuring Terry in the Style of Big Bopper
454 views 72 comments 5+
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TERRIFIC 3 DUET CONTEST ROUND #2 For this round I have listed 5 may claim a Genre before you sing you song....each genre can only be sang by 4 pairs, so choose wisely!!! once you claim a GENRE, you MAY NOT change it We chose 'oldies' ... just to be opposite of our ages *grins*

Rock Around The Clock

By babyseraph 9 in the Style of Bill Haley & His Comets
136 views 22 comments 5+
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Bonus songs: Each person pick a Number 1-60 this is not a duet bonus. EACh person sing their own song and picks their own number to get credit. 31. babyseraph- rock around the clock- bill haley

Sweet Nothin's

By babyseraph 9 in the Style of Brenda Lee
141 views 30 comments 5
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Then and Now Sing Snappers Most Improved SingSnapper Contest!! As you all know “Practice Makes Perfect”. This contest is to award who we think has grown the most amongst us SingSnappers Each round entrants will submit two songs one from then and one from now. I love the idea of this contest as I was only just today discussing with someone how much I think I've changed... confidence, practice and recently quitting smoking (5 months woooo!) Aaanyhooooo.... I chose my audition song to be my oldest recording on SS (CRINGE!) vs today's version

Runaway Train

By babyseraph 9 in the Style of Soul Asylum
486 views 20 comments 5
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TEAM Contest - Round 2 3) Runaway Train - Soul Asylum

Unchained Melody

By babyseraph 9 in the Style of The Righteous Brothers
405 views 13 comments 4
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