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Like Red On A Rose

By MLP +1 in the Style of Alan Jackson
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**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** Well...this was a 'suggestion' from my very overworked and underpaid 'agent' YANKEE_JULIE314 (Julie) from way back in October. (the request, not Julie!) I made a note of it at the time, then immediately forgot it. SORRY!! Anyway, I've heard Alan Jackson do stuff like this before...very un-country, very moody, but VERY fine. I guess he's just showing off, eh? I like it a lot... I just tried to not get in the way too much, and add to the mood of the song. Anyway, enjoy!

That's Life

By MLP +1 in the Style of Frank Sinatra
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**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** This was a request from LENNYV, who always sings with a very nice bluesy style all his own. He says that this is his 'theme song', so how could I not do this song? There was actually several good tracks to choose from, but I liked the sound of the organ on this one best! (I've always been partial to organs!) Anyway, I hope that you and LENNY enjoy this!

On A Bus To St. Cloud

By MLP +1 in the Style of Trisha Yearwood
33 views 16 comments 5+
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**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** This beautiful song was requested by MRSBOP (Moon Unit) recently, but, if I remember right, it was also requested a few years back by someone else. Back then I decided not to do the song, even though it is a beauty, as well as a great CB track. Today, however, we just don't have the same options of beautiful tracks that we used to have, so I'm not going to waste this track. It IS beautiful, and I hope that you all enjoy it! Thank you, Moon Unit, for reminding me of this one!

After All These Years

By MLP +1 in the Style of Jim Brickman & Anne Cochran
73 views 14 comments 5+
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*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS***** This is a request from PEGGYJOY who is STILL celebrating her wedding anniversary with Rick. I guess it's pretty boring there in MIZZ-URRRRRRR-AHHHHH these days, so I really can't blame her much! (Anybody wonder if Rick is celebrating as well?) Anyway, I digress. It's a nice tune, and I hope that you all enjoy it! You, too, Rick!

Too Marvelous For Words

By MLP +1 in the Style of Love Songs
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*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS***** This was a request quite awhile back, but I just kinda missed it, I guess! Earlier this evening, I had t decline a request from LENNYV for a song that just didn't 'work' for me somehow. I promised him that I'd look for another song more suitable for both of us. Then I found this one (from another 'Snapper) and I though it might be perfect for LENNY. So....if the original requestee does not mind, I'd like to offer this to Lenny as a substitute for his original request. Confused yet??? Me, too. Enjoy!

How Will I Know (Piano Version)

By MLP +1 in the Style of Sam Smith
49 views 9 comments 5
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This is an old Whitney Houston tune that was recently re-released by Sam Smith, truly an amazing young talent. His version features just his voice and piano, and I love it. I've been practicing alto a lot recently because I just got my good horn back from the repair shop, and it's a whole re-learning process. Playing softly is what I really like to do, and this is a chance for me to do just that. Bear with me! Here's a link to Sam Smith's version. I'm sure you'll love it, too!

One Hundred Ways

By MLP +1 in the Style of James Ingram
140 views 51 comments 5+
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I've been practicing the last few days. Mostly because my normal sax desperately needs work and just isn't up to the rigors it's been put through lately. Sooooo, I borrowed back my old 'road' horn that I had gifted to my grandson (who wants to be a!) and I've been trying to get this horn back into playing condition. It's getting there...finally! But, believe me, it's like swapping a Mercedes for a Yugo! This is a great tune that was done by an excellent keyboard player turned great singer, James Ingram. Nice chart, fine arrangement and a very fine track. Hope you like it!


By MLP +1 in the Style of Frank Sinatra
93 views 22 comments 3
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**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** This was requested by MRSBOP (Moon Unit), but I suspect that she thought that the title was Medication, strictly because of her experiences of working in (or near?) a pharmacy at one time in her adventuresome life! (Hey, she tells me this stuff...I'm not making it up!!) It's another one of those great Sinatra arrangements (Ogerman) from his work with Antonio Carlos Jobim in the late 60's. I've said before that I like this period in Sinatra's career the best of all. It's a shame we didn't get a better track of this, but it's still darned pretty! Enjoy!

Why Walk When You Can Fly

By MLP +1 in the Style of Mary Chapin Carpenter
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**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** Well, this one was fun! I've always admired Mary Chapin Carpenter. Not necessarily all her music, but she writes and sings in a folksy, sincere way that I enjoy. This is one of her best, IMHO, and it was requested by DAISYJOY. Of course, I took the opportunity to play way too much and selfishly add my own interpretation. Anyway, thanks for this one, Joy! Enjoy!

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

By MLP +1 in the Style of Classic Hits
158 views 24 comments 5+
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**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** This was a request from JAZZIN-J, and although it's a fine jazz combo track, it was REALLY difficult to find 'clean' places to play because this keyboard player played almost every free spot, every style and almost every rhythm possible in this tune. The spots that he missed were ably filled in by his cousin the vibes player! Ahhhh, I kid!! Maybe not so ably!! Hey, I'm not the soloist here....I'm just a backup horn player....I hope I left some spots for all of you to sing! It's a great tune, and it's not SBI ! Enjoy!!