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Love Letters

Audio Recorded by MLP +2 in the Style of Elton John & Bonnie Raitt.
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**DUETS*******DUETS*******DUETS*******DUETS*******DUETS*** Ahhhhh, technology! How about that BOLDFACE TYPE? Cool, Eh? Anyway, almost a month ago, I received a request from FOFUN (Mike) for a song by Nat King Cole called "Love Letters". I finally got around to it tonight, but, sadly, the SingSnap track of Nat's version was REALLY bad. I hope that Mike doesn't mind, but I'm substituting the Bonnie Raitt version of the same song. Enjoy!

Circle In The Sand

Audio Recorded by MLP +2 in the Style of Belinda Carlisle.
86 views 23 comments

**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** I received a PM from Moon Unit (MRSBOP) that began "Do you remember Brenda Carlisle?" And, I honestly had not. 'Moon' then suggested a song named 'La Luna' that Brenda had done. About an hour later I received a PM from PEGGYJOY, also suggesting a song by Brenda Carlisle, this one called 'Circle in the Sand'. Now, at least I have heard that song a couple of times, so I chose to do that one for now. I'm very sorry that I have not been around here much lately, but an awful lot has been going on in my life, and not all good. HOWEVER, the last week has been filled with wonderful news and events! Today I got a BRAND NEW grandson, and he couldn't have come at a better time! He's so new that he doesn't even have a name yet, but I'm pretty sure that my son and his wife will come to an agreement soon! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song!

Cathy's Clown

Audio Recorded by MLP +2 in the Style of Reba McEntire.
99 views 31 comments

Like I said....I'm trying to get in shape. Bear with me. (or bare with me and send photos!) Great track, by the way!

I'm Losing You

Audio Recorded by MLP +2 in the Style of Paul Carrack.
121 views 18 comments

**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** This was a request from KAREN, who is a marvelous professional sing from England, I think! Anyway, it's a remake of a song originally by Brenda Lee (the subject of just about ALL of my youthful fantasies!) Anyway, a great tune....hope you enjoy! By the way, I'm concentrating on sax lately, because I've got a lot of live 'stuff' coming up where I'm going to need some level of sax skill. Please be patient with me!

Oh, How The Sun Does Shine

Audio Recorded by MLP +2 in the Style of Tony Gore & Majesty.
124 views 23 comments

**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** Yes, I KNOW that I have generally declined doing any GOSPEL/WORSHIP material, and I will continue to do so in the future. However, this song was requested by CHAPLAINJUDYLYNN, and I have great respect for both her and Lewis, so I am going to make an exception to my policy JUST THIS ONE TIME, and then return to being my nasty secular self. Fair enough? JudyLynn, I hope you enjoy the song....sorry it took so long! By the way....this is in the LOWER key, so those background vocals sure sound like LARGE people, don't they?

Baby, Now That I've Found You

Audio Recorded by MLP +2 in the Style of Alison Krauss & Union Station.
117 views 27 comments

**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** This was a request from YANKEE_JULIE (SINGING_SISTER) Julie. It's a neat arrangement of an old tune, but the background vocals sound really weird, don't they? I can't really tell, because I've been down for about a week, installing a bunch of new equipment, and I don't have the headphones working right yet! About a week ago, I recorded this song about three times, but none of the tunes ever came out of the mixer. Maybe this one will? Sorry about the lousy sound, but it will get better! Enjoy!

When You Love Someone

Audio Recorded by MLP +2 in the Style of Sammy Kershaw.
135 views 37 comments

Until this song was requested by MRSBOP (Moon Unit), I honestly had no idea who Sammy Kershaw was. I would never have found this tune if it hadn't been a request! The tracks available here for this tune are BOTH excellent (Sound Choice & Chartbuster), too. I chose the CB track because it just felt a little 'stronger'. And I also had a request to sing a song! What else could a man ask for? Great song, great track, an anonymous request to sing and the Bears/Packers on TV! Whatta day!

Slow Hand

Audio Recorded by MLP +2 in the Style of Pointer Sisters.
166 views 29 comments

*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS***** This was a request from PEGGYJOY, and I always like the Pointer Sisters! I did substitute this old SoundChoice track for the 'new' SunFly track that SS gave us this week, though. Am I the only one who gets worried when SS gives us inferior 'new' tracks for the old (but better) Charbuster or SoundChoice tracks? If you think that's scary, while I was checking out these tracks I saw that there was also a version of this song that was done by Conway Twitty! Anyway, this is a good tune, and a nice track, and I hope you enjoy it!

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (No Backing V...

Audio Recorded by MLP +2 in the Style of Ballads.
272 views 28 comments

*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS***** I promised KITTYHARRELL that I would do this beautiful song again, but this time in the LOWER key. I think I also had some hints from others to do this also! HOWEVER, it's Soprano Sax night here at Casa d'MLP, so we'll have to do without the flute tonight! Enjoy! *****UPDATE Sept 24***** Occasionally, I hear a duet that I feel deserves special mention. Here is one by Jorji that I think you'll enjoy (I know I did!):

One Friend

Audio Recorded by MLP +2 in the Style of Dan Seals.
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Ahhhh, just another Dan Seals song for me to get addicted to, I guess. It's the kind of song that really should be dedicated to someone, but there's just too many here that I could (should?) dedicate this to. So, let's just dedicate it to each other. You have all made this a very special place for me! Julie, you can start crying now......