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Have I Told You Lately

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Combo Series.
99 views 37 comments

Well, guess what?? I REALLY did like the song! Hope you like it!

Have I Told You Lately

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Combo Series.
125 views 19 comments

**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** This was a 'suggestion' from PEGGYJOY, and it's a dandy! This is another of the VERY fine Combo Series tracks, and I love it! I hope that you do as well! Thank you for finding this one, PJ!


Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Foster And Allen.
45 views 9 comments

**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** I did this tune several months back, but it was requested by PEARLGIRL (Lisa) but this time in the HIGHER key. Neat little tune and I'm sure that Lisa will sing it well! Enjoy!


Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Mariah Carey.
51 views 20 comments

I was working today and listening to the smooth jazz station here in town, and they played this song by Mariah Carey. Although I'm not a huge Mariah fan, I do appreciate the wonderful pipes she has, and I always liked this song. I figured I'd play it 'cause, as you know, I do NEED the practice! Enjoy!

My Guy (No Backing Vocals)

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Mary Wells.
110 views 19 comments

**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** Well, this is one that was NOT a request. Just a song that I found by accident, and since SingSnap hasn't given us anything lately but SBI, I figured some of you may enjoy this! How long do you think it will be before JamminJoe stops by to sing this??? And, by the way..... I still have some requests to get to and I promise that I will....more free time should be available to me now. By the way....over the past couple of years I have made a big stink about the generally very poor material that we get from SBI. I've been getting several requests lately for songs that are only on SBI tracks, and I really am not comfortable doing them. We'll just have to find good material by others here...and when the time comes that we only have SBI and House Band tracks available to us, I'll just have to make other plans! But let's have fun while we can and hope that SingSnap finds a way to get us better material.


Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Ruben Studdard.
112 views 63 comments

Well, I had a few minutes to try to sing this song this morning, but then got too busy and forgot to release it until now. Actually, it's really, really too high for me, but I had on my very tightest thong to help me with the high notes! Besides, as Tove always says...."It be what it be." I hope you like it!

Like A Sad Song

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of John Denver.
133 views 38 comments

**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** Wow! BOLD & Italic! Together! Reminds me of a girl I knew....oh, never mind! This was a request from MARYMAC, and it's another fine John Denver tune that I really don't remember hearing before! Very peaceful, and I like the guitar a lot! Enjoy!


Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Ruben Studdard.
228 views 47 comments

**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** This is sort of a strange request....and it's from MUZA, whom we all love! Seems that Muza heard KRISTINE_L sing this song a week or so ago and was so moved by the performance that she asked me to go and 'join' Kristine on the track. Now, of course, everyone knows that I never 'join' anyone, especially married women! (Oh, just kidding!!!!) So Muza asked if I would then do this song as a **DUETS**version. It's a fine arrangement of a great song, and the track ain't too bad! I hope that Muza, Kristine and everyone enjoys this!

Love Letters

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Elton John & Bonnie Raitt.
169 views 27 comments

**DUETS*******DUETS*******DUETS*******DUETS*******DUETS*** Ahhhhh, technology! How about that BOLDFACE TYPE? Cool, Eh? Anyway, almost a month ago, I received a request from FOFUN (Mike) for a song by Nat King Cole called "Love Letters". I finally got around to it tonight, but, sadly, the SingSnap track of Nat's version was REALLY bad. I hope that Mike doesn't mind, but I'm substituting the Bonnie Raitt version of the same song. Enjoy!

Circle In The Sand

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Belinda Carlisle.
115 views 24 comments

**DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS** I received a PM from Moon Unit (MRSBOP) that began "Do you remember Brenda Carlisle?" And, I honestly had not. 'Moon' then suggested a song named 'La Luna' that Brenda had done. About an hour later I received a PM from PEGGYJOY, also suggesting a song by Brenda Carlisle, this one called 'Circle in the Sand'. Now, at least I have heard that song a couple of times, so I chose to do that one for now. I'm very sorry that I have not been around here much lately, but an awful lot has been going on in my life, and not all good. HOWEVER, the last week has been filled with wonderful news and events! Today I got a BRAND NEW grandson, and he couldn't have come at a better time! He's so new that he doesn't even have a name yet, but I'm pretty sure that my son and his wife will come to an agreement soon! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song!