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Slow Hand

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Pointer Sisters.
89 views 25 comments

*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS***** This was a request from PEGGYJOY, and I always like the Pointer Sisters! I did substitute this old SoundChoice track for the 'new' SunFly track that SS gave us this week, though. Am I the only one who gets worried when SS gives us inferior 'new' tracks for the old (but better) Charbuster or SoundChoice tracks? If you think that's scary, while I was checking out these tracks I saw that there was also a version of this song that was done by Conway Twitty! Anyway, this is a good tune, and a nice track, and I hope you enjoy it!

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (No Backing V...

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Ballads.
102 views 14 comments

*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS***** I promised KITTYHARRELL that I would do this beautiful song again, but this time in the LOWER key. I think I also had some hints from others to do this also! HOWEVER, it's Soprano Sax night here at Casa d'MLP, so we'll have to do without the flute tonight! Enjoy!

One Friend

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Dan Seals.
88 views 26 comments

Ahhhh, just another Dan Seals song for me to get addicted to, I guess. It's the kind of song that really should be dedicated to someone, but there's just too many here that I could (should?) dedicate this to. So, let's just dedicate it to each other. You have all made this a very special place for me! Julie, you can start crying now......

One Friend

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Dan Seals.
87 views 22 comments

*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS***** Those of you that have been around me for awhile know that I've always been a big Dan Seals fan. He has a smooth, easy and sincere style that I've always admired. This was a request (yes, some time back!) from DAISYJOY (Peggy's sister?) and I'm very happy to do this one! Enjoy!

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (No Backing V...

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Ballads.
174 views 29 comments

*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS***** This is another very fine request that I've taken too long to respond to! This was requested by MDKRITTER (Newt), and it's also by a very nice jazz combo, which is probably the same one! A wonderful song that Jerome Kern wrote the music for in 1933. It's amazingly 'hip' for back then, or maybe it's just me! A tough song to sing, but a real beauty! Enjoy!

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Love Songs.
56 views 11 comments

*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS***** I really have been terrible lately about getting to all the great requests that I've been receiving, and for that I'm very sorry. This was a request from PEGGYJOY a long, long time ago, and I never got to it. It's a great George & Ira Gershwin song done by the fine jazz combo that does some songs here occasionally. I just wish they hadn't done this in the key of E! Anyway, I'm sorry Peggy, and I hope that you and others will enjoy this!


Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Mindy Smith.
145 views 19 comments

*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS***** I confess....I've never heard of Mindy Smith before. I have heard of Dolly Parton (BOTH of her!), and I think I've heard this song before. However, never like this! This is another great request, this time by MRSBOP (Moon Unit), and it's also a VERY fine track! I really enjoyed this one! My schedule for the next week or so will be precarious at best! I may not get around to listening for that time, but I hope you'll enjoy this great tune anyway! I've attached Mindy's version, that also features Dolly Parton's 8th & 9th Wonders of The World.

Stranger In Paradise

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Tony Bennett.
172 views 26 comments

*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS***** I don't have much time tonight, but I really wanted to get this one out for my bestest girl KITTYHARRELL. She claims it is the most beautiful song ever written, and it just may be! It's from the show KISMET and was sung by a very young Tony Bennett. It also is a song that is done very infrequently, because the melody of the bridge is a killer! Here's a Youtube of Tony Bennet's version: I did the best I could with this track, but again, SS did not offer us much. It was either this track, or SBI, and I won't do SBI anymore! But I digress.... Enjoy!

Here's That Rainy Day

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Jazz Hits.
101 views 25 comments

Blame this on PeggyJoy. She went digging deep in the archives and sang this old **DUETS** version with me. It reminded me that waaaaaay baaaacccck then, I had made a mental note to sing this at some point, because this is one of my favorite songs EVAH! Unfortunately, mental notes are not a strong point of mine anymore, so I promptly forgot. Peggy doing the tune reminded me, though, so here it is....a few years late, but since I sincerely believe my rainy days will end, and it's a wonderful song, I'm throwing it up here. I hope you like it!

Dust In The Wind

Audio Recorded by MLP in the Style of Kansas.
162 views 27 comments

*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS*****DUETS***** This was a request from TONPAC (Toni). It's a song from the late 70's, and I have to confess, it was on the radio so often back then that I stopped 'hearing' it after awhile. Tonight was the first time I actually listened to it all the way through, and it really is a nice tune. Enjoy!