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By Bluesie 11 in the Style of Kaci Brown
105 views 14 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

This Song Reminds Me So Much Of Myself at one time in my life. I was in a very mentally abusive relationship. But I Broke Free From Him And Found Me Again In The Process. Now I'm Standing On My Own In A Healthy And Loving Relationship Thank You For Listening.

You Had Me From Hello

By Bluesie 11 in the Style of Kenny Chesney
38 views 10 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

I Know I'm Way Behind On Listens Where I took some time off From S.S. Trying Really Hard To Catch Up. So Hello And I'm Glad to be catching up with friends here. Thank You For Listening

You And I

By Bluesie 11 in the Style of Lady Gaga
35 views 6 comments 1
Audio Recorded

I have been gone for some time from S.S. Lots of personal problems I had to deal with.. I'm Back And I have surely missed this place and my friends here. This is my first recording in a very long time so please be gentle and I appreciate the listens.

Love The One You're With

By Bluesie 11 in the Style of Luther Vandross
184 views 39 comments 5+
Video Recorded

I Changed This One Up Slightly With That Being Said I Hope You Like It & Thank You So Much For Listening.

The Other Guy

By Bluesie 11 in the Style of Little River Band
75 views 15 comments 5
Video Recorded

Gender Bender Thank You For Listening

Too Many Lovers

By Bluesie 11 in the Style of Crystal Gayle
142 views 33 comments 5+
Video Recorded

"There Sure Isn't Much Love In This World" But I Sure Do Appreciate The Kindness & Love That I have been shown here. Thank You

You Are

By Bluesie 11 in the Style of Lionel Richie
77 views 32 comments 5+
Video Recorded

It's Friday Time To Partaaaaa!!!!!!!! Thank You For Listening.

White Liar

By Bluesie 11 in the Style of Miranda Lambert
88 views 22 comments 5
Video Recorded

Thank You For Listening.

Foolish Pride

By Bluesie 11 in the Style of Travis Tritt
128 views 18 comments 4
Video Recorded

"Foolish Pride" Thank You For Listening.

When I Was Your Man

By Bluesie 11 in the Style of Bruno Mars
91 views 19 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Gender Bender. Hope u like it. Thank You For Listening.

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