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I Can't Thank Him Enough He's the peace that passes all understanding, He's the calm when the world is demanding, He's the shelter from life's storms, A safe harbor is our Lord, He's the One I love and adore. He's the covenant of love for the nations He's the light that guides our conversations He's the guardian of our soul, He's the Lord Who made me whole, He's the One, I've come to love and know. He's the provider of all my needs, He meets them daily, He's the Ancient of Days have you sought Him lately? He's the Lord my heart does seek, He's so humble and so meek, I will quietly sit at His feet. He's the One Who walks me beside still waters, He's the Master, He's my heavenly Father, He's my refuge and my strength, He's my food and drink, He's the One, who lifts us when we sink. He's the King of kings in the world, He's the Lord, His glory is unfurled, He has my praise, all my days, He's on my mind in every way, I could never thank Him enough for what He's made. Tag: Oh, I could never thank Him enough for what He's made. Words and Music by Lisa Beth Jenkins Copyright 2002 Accompaniment by Lee Price