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By jackiesunflower 45 in the Style of Pointer Sisters
35 views 20 comments
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not my usual, not crazy but oh well... i like it... i did it my way.... oh yeah i've been dreaming of THAT to the feature.... catch up with you later, my friends!! have a fabulous day, y'all! take care! jackie

Bennie And The Jets

By jackiesunflower 45 in the Style of Elton John
46 views 31 comments
Audio Recorded

Happy end of the world day!! this is for trevor's survival of end of the world rocking out my eternal pop king.... but i do it rock style no time for a vid, guys!! catch up with you later...gotta fly!! \m/happy end of the world day y'all!!\m/ jackie


By jackiesunflower 45 in the Style of Alice In Chains
54 views 18 comments
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getting down to my inner grunge rocker... per my friend chance2bk1ng hope you like it!!

O Holy Night

By jackiesunflower 45 in the Style of Rock Christmas
25 views 13 comments
Video Recorded

now a short sweet little one before bed... *stylized -graphics/background and player skin by --C_o_w_b_o_y--. check him out, he's a great singer!!

The Power Of Love

By jackiesunflower 45 in the Style of Gabrielle Aplin
25 views 17 comments
Video Recorded

to be improved.... love the mysterious melody... this is all the world no harmonies here. i used only mmsb and then added effects to the vid. enjoy....

Silent Night (xl)

By jackiesunflower 45 Featuring Mister_Karaoke 42 in the Style of Traditional Christmas Carol
21 views 16 comments 5
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By jackiesunflower 45 in the Style of Eric Clapton
12 views 6 comments
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Eric Rules recording on my lunch break and 2 pitches just a stress reliever here... enjoy!


By jackiesunflower 45 in the Style of Stone Temple Pilots
32 views 22 comments
Video Recorded

PLUSH there are no harmonies...i just doubled the voice 'cause this track is crazily loud. love it! these guys RAAAWWWWKKKK.....they came down here to Brazil in the last Rock in Rio had to bring my punk rock style to this one...this is raw and wild

White Flag

By jackiesunflower 45 in the Style of Dido
23 views 25 comments
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~~~white~flag~~~ I've heard this song on my friend Richard's studio and couldn't resist it... This is very challenging to me!! But I need to practise the soft and slower stuff.... Hard to step on the break and control the rocker in Ok, so I don't scare my "normal" friends away from my studio with my hard rock songs!! This one is for my... er..."normal" friends!?! the crazy stuff is all around my I used only mmsb. So it is a bit raw... Thanks for stopping by!! Jackie

One More Kiss Dear

By jackiesunflower 45 in the Style of Don Percival (Blade Runner Soundtrack)
43 views 27 comments
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