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Love Will Keep Us Together

Video Recorded
By peggyjoy +1
In the Style of Captain & Tennille
88 views 19 comments

NEW song... for the new year! I'm just waiting for the family to arrive for New Year's Eve... and thought I'd sing to make the time go faster! Looking forward to our big party tonight! Woo-Hoo!!! Best wishes to all for the new year!!!!!!!!!

What A Fool Believes

Video Recorded
By peggyjoy +1
In the Style of The Doobie Brothers
110 views 10 comments

For the feature. Just wanted to sing one more song this year. Now I'm closing down the computer and getting ready for the big party tomorrow! Happy 2011, Everyone!!!

Singing The Blues

Video Recorded
By peggyjoy +1
In the Style of Marty Robbins
69 views 20 comments

For the feature. Just felt like singing... but I'm not really blue today--it's beautiful, warm, and sunny out. Just took a nice walk. I wasn't going to save this, but decided to because it shows that my psychotic web cam is finally in its death throes. I didn't touch any buttons, I promise!!!

I Get A Kick Out Of You (Up Tempo)

Video Recorded
By peggyjoy +1
In the Style of from Anything Go...
70 views 25 comments

For the feature. I'm in a little bit of a funk tonight... thought maybe singing would help...

Vaya Con Dios

Video Recorded
By peggyjoy +1 & NannyNancy
In the Style of Les Paul & Mary ...
68 views 15 comments

It's been a long time since I've sung a duet with Nancy... and I've missed it! Thanks for leaving this one open for me, Nancy!

This Can't Be Love

Video Recorded
By peggyjoy +1
In the Style of Ella Fitzgerald
119 views 31 comments

For the feature. Such a long instrumental break! I shouldda brought a sandwich... or some cookies!

Put On A Happy Face

Video Recorded
By peggyjoy +1
In the Style of Tony Bennett
25 views 1 comment

For the feature. I couldn't get Smikty to join me, because she was afraid of the pesky background singers... so I had to tackle them all by myself! ;^} This didn't turn out the way I expected, so it's not "out there"... but I wanted to show you that it could be done! ;^) Talk to you sometime tomorrow.

That's All

Video Recorded
By peggyjoy +1
In the Style of Michael Bublé
76 views 36 comments

I love this song so much--it's my very favorite love song. Can't resist singing it every time it's on the feature page!


Video Recorded
By peggyjoy +1 & jamminjoe
In the Style of Andy Williams
118 views 21 comments

I've always loved this song... and Andy Williams... and I love you, too, Joe! ;^) Thanks for letting me join you--you're a pal!

Catch The Wind

Video Recorded
By peggyjoy +1 & Tove_Sophia
In the Style of Donovan
68 views 29 comments

Just had to join Smikty on this neat old hippie song! I found the only picture I have of a Hobbit playing a harmonica--I think he's the one playing during that long instrumental break! :^)

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