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To Say Goodbye
Joey & Rory

Things Are Tough...
Shelby Lynne

A Simple I Love You
Mandy Barnett

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It Must Be Love

By aqtrcowgirl in the Style of Alan Jackson
124 views 49 comments 5+
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Black Coffee

By aqtrcowgirl in the Style of Lacy J. Dalton
65 views 31 comments 4
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Mama He's Crazy

By aqtrcowgirl in the Style of The Judds
144 views 63 comments 5+
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ROUND #2 - LISA'S 3 SONGS IN 3 DAYS CONTEST -PRERECORDS FOR THE CROWN JEWELS ROUND 1 1st round you are going to be on stage in front of many many fans, that has waited months to hear you...What would be your opening song? Please sing the song you would open with. My fav of the Judds and this song has special meaning to me and always will ..Thanks for stoppin by :) My computer has been giving me fits from the storms we have had ..wasnt sure it would even let me sing but I guess so :)

As Soon As Hang Up The Phone

By aqtrcowgirl Featuring darryl in the Style of Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty
180 views 40 comments 5+
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To Know Him Is To Love Him

By aqtrcowgirl in the Style of Linda Ronstadt
60 views 40 comments 5+
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Feature ...Beautiful song and words thought it would be easy to sing YEAH RIGHT!! After 100 takes lol ..thanks for stoppin by :) #background{background:url('') no-repeat fixed;background-position:top center;}

Golden Ring

By aqtrcowgirl Featuring darryl in the Style of George Jones & Tammy Wynette
78 views 27 comments 5
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I Need You

By aqtrcowgirl in the Style of Trisha Yearwood
223 views 88 comments 5+
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~*T-N-T'S SPRING JAMBOREE..FINALS*~ Hiya All And Welcome To The FinalS... Post A Pre-Record Of Your Choice(ANY GENRE).. I heard this song the other day and flagged it to learn ..beautiful words so true ..thank you for stoppin by and Good Luck :) #background{background:url('') no-repeat fixed;background-position:top center;}

Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man

By aqtrcowgirl Featuring trout51 in the Style of Conway Twitty
99 views 9 comments 3
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Thanks Terry ..Love this song so had to join ya ..Im kind aloud gonna try to turn it down some lol ..Thanks my friend sounded great as always :)


By aqtrcowgirl Featuring blaza in the Style of Carly Simon & James Taylor
86 views 16 comments 4
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It is what it is LOL

Yours Love

By aqtrcowgirl Featuring darryl in the Style of Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton
124 views 16 comments 3
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