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The Heart Wants What It Wants

By melony1968 35 in the Style of Selena Gomez
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Well i thought i would try singing one of selena Gomez songs...having a bit of fun tonight as i won,t be back till next week sometime..heading to Wallaceburg things are still not good so plz keep the prayers coming...thanks for listening see you soon!! Godbless XOX

Chances Are - Hope Floats

By melony1968 35 in the Style of Martina McBride & Bob Seger
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Well i tried...not feeling that great...and exhausted...not sure why i went on cam lol anyways thanks for listening...the sound is kinda out of synk,, sorry...thanks for listening xo

A Little Bit More

By melony1968 35 in the Style of Dr. Hook
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Wow love this song, was on feature...had to sing it again huggs to all and thanks for the listen XO

Daddy's Hands (No Backing Vocals)

By melony1968 35 in the Style of Holly Dunn
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For my mom and dad for the a very hard year plz God give them strength...and myself...thanks for listening...everyone i miss yous very much i,m sorry i don,t get round to listen any more at this time...i have become my moms care giver SIGH just looking at her this way breaks my heart in half...plz send your prayers and thanks to one ones who left there kind incouraging words it did not go unnoticed love you all Godbless XOXO

Arms Of Love

By melony1968 35 in the Style of Amy Grant
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Love Me Like You Do

By melony1968 35 in the Style of Ellie Goulding
6 views 9 comments 2
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Hi Guys, been hearing this song on the radio all the time had to sing it...hope i did it some justice..i tried..thanks for listening Huggs

At This Moment

By melony1968 35 in the Style of Tom Jones
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Just needed to sing....been a very long last week and a half SIGH.....hope all are well missing each and everyone of you, i,m not home much these days Love you all Nite Nite Godbless huggs!!!

Calling All Angels

By melony1968 35 in the Style of Jane Siberry & K.D. Lang
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Beautiful song....Good Nite all XO

Change Of Heart (Live)

By melony1968 35 in the Style of Olivia Newton-John & Jim Brickman
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Well love is a tricky thing....But God helped me make the right decision..this was very hard for me...but when you love something or someone you set them free...I hope anyone that falls in love knows its a two way street..the other persons heart matters to....Love is not just a word for me...its very special..and when you love someone you will do what ever it takes to want them to be happy...i will never regret what we had..i,m very lucky to have had that time with you :) Godbless you all...and thanks for the listen Hugs!!

Angel Of Mine

By melony1968 35 in the Style of Monica
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Hi my friends..plz pray for me that God will give me the strength and wisdom to do the things i have to...i just recently became my mothers care giver...she is un capable of making her own decision at this time...what a terrible year this has been..hard to watch my mom like dad has also taken on illness because of the stress....i take them to all app i live in Chatham they live in Wallaceburg about 20 min away from one another i,m very stressed..... and with this big of a commitment i need Gods guidence...Thank You my friends....singing helps my stress and worries Godbless you all XOXOX