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By annalea 43 +1 in the Style of Leann Rimes
205 views 10 comments 5
Video Recorded

Ring Of Fire

By annalea 43 +1 in the Style of Johnny Cash
156 views 4 comments 2
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Auld Lang Syne

By annalea 43 +1 in the Style of Boxcar Willie
191 views 16 comments 5+
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Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye

By annalea 43 +1 in the Style of Anne Murray
103 views 18 comments 5
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...felt like singing it....

How Wonderful You Are

By annalea 43 +1 Featuring MLP in the Style of Gordon Haskell
162 views 13 comments 1
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Well, M, the tour bus is up for sale, Peggy's taken her cookie trays and grog home and she's looking for a new line of employment now...this is so sad....we'll miss you!


By annalea 43 +1 Featuring kwlhndlk 45 in the Style of Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock
136 views 12 comments 5
Audio Recorded

Kansas City

By annalea 43 +1 in the Style of Wilbert Harrison
157 views 21 comments 4
Video Recorded mom used to love to dance to this one....

Around The World In 80 Days

By annalea 43 +1 in the Style of Around The World In 80 Days
120 views 8 comments 4
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SingSnap Original

By annalea 43 +1
137 views 14 comments 4
Video Recorded

When I was growing up in Canada, we had to learn our National Anthem in French, Canada being a bilingual country. Our National Anthem at the time was God Save The Queen, since we still belonged to Great Britain. So, here is God Save The Queen, sung in French, acapella. I never in my life thought that knowing this song in French would come in handy...I hope I remembered the words's been over 40 years ago that I had to learn this song in French...LOL!

Tip Of My Fingers

By annalea 43 +1 in the Style of Roy Drusky
145 views 15 comments 5+
Video Recorded

I love these simple, pretty country songs....

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