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Leave The Pieces

By xLAmodel 34 in the Style of The Wreckers
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I haven't done a song in a while, so this is just a quick one taker... I know it's off on the timing a couple times :( Thanks for listening, anyway!!! xoxo, Candi :)

Couldn't Get It Right

By xLAmodel 34 in the Style of Climax Blues Band
40 views 9 comments 5
Audio Recorded

I Remember My Daddy Listening To This, When I Was Pretty Little... Lol Thanks For Listening :) xo, Candi <3

Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)

By xLAmodel 34 in the Style of Dixie Chicks
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About 2 & 1/2 Years Ago I Sang This & Dedicated It To My Son Brandon Who Passed Away... The Definition Of Godspeed Is: An Expression Of Good Wishes To A Person Starting A Journey... So Tonight I Sing This For My Son Brandon, Who Left Us For His Journey To The Other Side, & Also For His Namesake, The New Baby In Our Family, Little Brandyn, Who Is Starting The Journey Of His Life!!! Thank You For Listening!!! xoxo, Candi <3

Girls Lie Too

By xLAmodel 34 in the Style of Terri Clark
17 views 7 comments 5
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"... And We Like Hooters, For Their Hot Wings, Too!!!" Lololol Thanks For Listening!!! xoxo, Candi :)

Your Song

By xLAmodel 34 Featuring BryTunes in the Style of Elton John
65 views 12 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

"... And You Can Tell Everybody, This Is Your Song..." Thank You So Much, Bryan, For Making Your Acoustic Versions Available To Us... I Love Them So Much!!! Reminds Me of My Dad Playing His Guitar, While We Sang Along!!! (Miss My Dad Tons!!!) Thank You Everyone For Listening (Still Fighting Allergies), & Plz Go Listen To Bryan, He Has Such A Gorgeous Voice!!! xoxo, Candi :)

All Out Of Love

By xLAmodel 34 in the Style of Air Supply
31 views 10 comments 5
Audio Recorded

Open Duet... Please Join Me & Make Me Sound Better... Lol My Voice Is Still Not 100%, As I'm Still Fighting Allergies!!! Thanks For Listening!!! xoxo, Candi :)

Girl Crush

By xLAmodel 34 in the Style of Little Big Town
53 views 6 comments 3
Audio Recorded

"I want To Taste Her Lips. Ya, Cause They Taste Like You!!!" (still struggling with allergies, but had to try this awesome song) Thanks For Listening!!! xoxo, Candi :)

It Matters To Me

By xLAmodel 34 in the Style of Faith Hill
99 views 19 comments 5+
Video Recorded

"... Maybe I Still Don't Understand, The Distance Between A Woman & A Man..." Not my best, for sure!!! It's been too long!!! Need to get back to singing... very soon!!! Thanks for listening!!! xoxo, Candi :)

Wind Of Change

By xLAmodel 34 in the Style of Scorpions
60 views 5 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

"... Take Me To The Magic Of The Moment..." Thanks For Listening!!! xoxo, Candi <3

Don't Know Why

By xLAmodel 34 in the Style of Norah Jones
57 views 11 comments 5+
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"...You Left Me By The House Of Fun..." Thanks for Listening!!! xoxo, Candi :)