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Days Of Wine And Roses

By GrannyNan in the Style of Andy Williams
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You Belong To Me

By GrannyNan in the Style of Jo Stafford
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Hey, Look Me Over

By GrannyNan in the Style of Judy Garland
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NOTE: I tried to find some information on this song. This is all I could find. "Hey, Look Me Over", a song from the musical Wildcat, whose tune was adapted into one of Louisiana State University's school songs, "Hey, Fightin’ Tigers" *I believe it was written for Lucille Ball. If you check on You Tube, you can hear her and another person singing it. Pretty Cool!

In My Life

By GrannyNan in the Style of Bette Midler
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DOUBLE DOG DARE YA TO LISTEN! OH MY! I sure messed this one up pretty bad, but I'm keeping it to make you feel good about yourself! So there. I'm going to redo it, (MAYBE) and get it right, but this one........I'm keeping. ;)

Bad To The Bone

By GrannyNan in the Style of George Thorogood
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NOTE: CHANGED MY BACKGROUND AS SOME PEEPS MENTIONED IT IS WAS HARD TO READ Wow! I won a free year of groceries. Little does SS know that I'm on 3 special food plans due to my ailing health, and it's gonna take them BROKE FEEDING GrannyNan! Ha! My RENOVATION/REMODELING PROJECT? My KITCHEN.. I Plan to knock out the wall between the kitchen and dining room and make it one huge eat-in kitchen with all the bells and whistles. A usable cooking fireplace, a huge 24 seat table for all my relatives, an island with a built in fire pit to cook outdoor stuff indoors, with a great exhaust system that might suck me right up in in. No CO2 in my house! Oh yeah, do I have plans. I wonder if SS can handle this GrannyNan dream?

Wind Beneath My Wings

By GrannyNan in the Style of Bette Midler
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Dedicating this to my husband and often caretaker, Bill. Hon you have been by my side for almost 49 years, and no matter how hard it got, you stayed there! Most men would have left, but not you. I know I've been through many health battles, and some almost took me away, and one did, however I came back..............and no matter what, you have never left. You have encouraged me , you have given me strength when there was no strength, and hope, when hope seemed lost. You have kept so positive all these years, and you, you, you have had so much to do with me fighting to stay here. We are not just a two stranded cord. We are a three stranded cord, with God as the first strand, which makes our cord even stronger than most. Yes, I thank God for you every day. Thank you for being the Wind Beneath My Wings. I love you so very much. Hugs Nan

Wild Thing

By GrannyNan in the Style of The Troggs
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Woo Hoo! I done WON $5000.00!!! First thing I'm going to spend it on is POPCORN! Sure! One can never have enough POPCORN on hand. Then............. RED LICORICE! Yep, that should do it! Come on over for some POPCORN and RED LICORICE! GrannyNan will leave the Porch Light on for ya! :) P.S. No matter what I tried...I COULD NOT get my voice in sync w/the music.

When You Believe

By GrannyNan in the Style of Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey
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"R.I.P fredericw ! Fred passed this morning at 1:00 a.m. April 16, 2015 We love and will MISS you!!" Even though Fred hasn't sung on SS the past 2 plus years, his heart was here with us as he battled a health issue that finally took him home to the next realm. Fred was so full of life, love and he touched so many lives through his songs! Fred was a kindhearted, wonderful man, terrific singer, and an all around special guy. R.I.P. Fred Love you brother! Hugs Nan XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Here is a link to one of his songs:

Break It To Me Gently

By GrannyNan in the Style of Juice Newton
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By GrannyNan in the Style of Barbra Streisand
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SPIN 2 WIN! I chose Purple and WON MY DREAM VACATION! My dream vacation has always been to go to Prince Edward Island, Canada. And GUESS WHAT? I WON IT! And...........And I'm pretty sure SING SNAP "PROMISED" to send me on this trip. Are they great or what? ;)