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We've Only Just B...
The Carpenters

In The Still Of T...
The Five Satins

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I'll Fly For You

By Jules 36 +2 in the Style of Spandau Ballet
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I saw this on the feature page today and thought "wow, what a blast from the past!" I adored Spandau Ballet when I was in high school and had them all over my bedroom walls and ceiling. They were the first concert I went to on December 26 1985 and I loved it!


By Jules 36 +2 in the Style of Amy Macdonald
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Just felt like singing :)

I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten

By Jules 36 +2 in the Style of Dusty Springfield
130 views 20 comments 1
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Summerfest Week 5 Battle of the Sexes

Somewhere In My Heart

By Jules 36 +2 in the Style of Aztec Camera
429 views 25 comments 4
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Summerfest Week 4 I was only going on cam because the woofs were here with me but they ran off before I could even get the song on the screen... do you think they're trying to tell me something about my singing? lol

Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)

By Jules 36 +2 in the Style of Phil Collins
81 views 20 comments 3
Audio Recorded

SUMMERFEST SUMMER GAMES - WEEK THREE! I chose hole #1. Hole 1 Challenge - Part B: At the start of your song we want to hear you yell "Fooooouuuuuur" to let the other golfers know your ball is coming in their direction!

Annie's Song

By Jules 36 +2 in the Style of John Denver
92 views 23 comments 2
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Come and join the Tug of War!

Annie's Song

By Jules 36 +2 in the Style of John Denver
73 views 0 comments
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Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

By Jules 36 +2 in the Style of Green Day
140 views 28 comments 5
Audio Recorded

Summerfest Week 1 Self Synchronized Singing! Your Challenge: Sing any song from the Feature Page on Friday June 1, 2012. The song must be dated June 1st. However, prior to submitting the song you must use the "harmony" feature and 'duet with yourself'! I've not sung this version of the track before... not sure I like it.. is it just me or does the keyboard solo sound like they're making it up as they go along? lol

To Make You Feel My Love

By Jules 36 +2 in the Style of Adele
150 views 4 comments
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OPEN DUET! Harmony is done.. looking for a lead vocal :)

I Got You Babe

By Jules 36 +2 Featuring --Baz-- 19 +2 +18 in the Style of Sonny & Cher
196 views 28 comments 5+
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