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We've Only Just B...
The Carpenters

In The Still Of T...
The Five Satins

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It's My Party

Audio Recorded by Jules in the Style of Lesley Gore.
164 views 45 comments

Summerfest Week 12 - Back To School Late Comers Challenge Ooops! You're Late - You Get A Tardy Slip! Part 1: Sing a song from the list chosen by the Events Team. And what great choices they were, thanks Denise! :) Part 2: In your song comment section, answer the following question/challenge. Consider who is on the Special Events Team.You want to thank them for giving you such a great party. If you could bring them a gift ($50 or less), what would it be and why? For all the hard work and effort that we've all put in over the past 12 weeks, I have bought the team this ice cream sundae to share: A huge shout out to all my collegaues in the Events team who have made this Summerfest a fun and sucessful event :) Part 3: Please take a close look at the following InkBlot that the Special Events team has given you. In a brief paragraph in your song comment section, describe what you see. There are no right or wrong answers. Do you see a shape, an object, a person, an animal? A combination of several things? Then just tell us! To me, this looks like 2 poodles kissing!

Nobody Does It Better

Audio Recorded by Jules in the Style of Carly Simon.
64 views 2 comments

Diamonds Are Forever

Audio Recorded by Jules in the Style of Shirley Bassey.
45 views 2 comments

For Your Eyes Only

Audio Recorded by Jules in the Style of Sheena Easton.
52 views 3 comments

At The Hop

Audio Recorded by Jules in the Style of Danny & The Juniors.
54 views 8 comments

These oldies are so fun to sing! :)

Rock Around The Clock

Audio Recorded by Jules in the Style of Bill Haley & His Comets.
36 views 0 comments

You gotta love these oldies!

Stand By Me

Audio Recorded by Jules in the Style of Ben E. King.
39 views 3 comments

Having some rare singing time so having a good old sing song :)

Under The Boardwalk

Audio Recorded by Jules in the Style of The Drifters.
39 views 4 comments

I have some rare singing time today so just having a good old sing song!

Blowin' In The Wind

Audio Recorded by Jules in the Style of Peter, Paul And Mary.
82 views 4 comments

This is a duet with the wonderful Chris (mss12000). His lead vocals on this are beuatiful so had to join him :) As I added 2 harmonies, it's no longer showing as a duet. Please drop by on his original recording if you have time: Blowin' In The Wind by mss12000

From This Moment On

Audio Recorded by Jules & TheSnapanator in the Style of Shania Twain & Bryan White.
38 views 1 comment

I haven't had a good old sing for a while so thought I'd do a duet with the ever talented Chris. Your part was amazing on this and couldn't pass up the opportunity. Thanks Chris! :)

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