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Bare Necessities

By Jules 65 in the Style of The Jungle Book
105 views 14 comments 5+
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GIRL'S NIGHT OUT #4 You may choose ANY song from ANY genre in the Singsnap library. NO duplicates! It's a girls night out!! I want your song to a HAPPY upbeat song. I always find this song cheers me up when I'm feeling down or bored. Such a happy song!

O'Rafferty's Motor Car

By Jules 65 in the Style of Val Doonican
17 views 0 comments
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My sister was a big fan of Val Doonican so I grew up listening to a lot of his songs. I haven't heard one for years but was still a little sad when I heard of his passing the other week. I spotted this on the feature today so thought I'd give it a go. Isn't it funny what reminds you of your childhood?

Somewhere Only We Know

By Jules 65 in the Style of Keane
39 views 12 comments 5+
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Summerfest 2015 - Week 1 Treasure Island Challenge - Part A: Sing any song on the Feature Page on July 10, 2015. The Baby Challenge (Audio): The Treasure Island slide belongs in the kiddie park. So your challenge is to sink back into your youth and at the start of your song, in your best BABY voice say; "I'm not afwaid of no piwates!" :D Apologies for the volume problems. Need to work out what that's about!

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window

By Jules 65 in the Style of Children's Fun Songs
10 views 6 comments 3
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Just trying out the slideshow function :)

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

By Jules 65 in the Style of Doris Day
85 views 8 comments 5+
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Time for an oldie

Rather Be

By Jules 65 in the Style of Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne
29 views 4 comments 3
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Love this song! :D

Bare Necessities

By Jules 65 in the Style of The Jungle Book
41 views 17 comments 5+
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Sing That Song Week 4 - Pick Your Door Makeup Challenge I picked door number 3: Door Three: Aw Shucks! You just got Zonk'd! This door has led you to a very dark room. As you stand inside you get incredibly woozy and begin to fall asleep! At the start of your song we want to hear you snore! :)

A Thousand Miles

By Jules 65 in the Style of Vanessa Carlton
57 views 23 comments 5+
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Sing That Song Week 4 - Name That Price Challenge I chose price 3 so I won a year's supply of groceries and a chance to remodel any room. I choose my kitchen. we're saving all our pennies up to revamp the kitchen to make it feel more like home :)

Hold My Hand

By Jules 65 in the Style of Jess Glynne
15 views 1 comment 2
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I adore this song and have been waiting for it to come out on SingSnap! I just want to say... Boy, Jess Glynn can sing high... and thank goodness for the key changer feature on SingSnap lol

Wonderful World

By Jules 65 in the Style of Sam Cooke
70 views 34 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Sing that Song Challenge - Week 2 - Spin 2 Win Spin 2 Win Challenge - Part A: You may sing any song from the R&B/Soul Genre or the Pop Genre that you'd like from the Featured Songs Page on Friday April 10, 2015! Spin 2 Win Challenge - Part B: If you signed up by the deadline, you spun the wheel and chose either Pink, Purple, or Blue! Please read below for your challenge. If you missed the sign-up, please do the Yellow Challenge! Purple Challenge: Woo Hoo! You landed on the lucky color and won a dream vacation to wherever in the world you want to go! All you have to do is, in your song comment section - tell us where in the world you have chosen to go! I have been on several cruises and loved them all, but my dream holiday would be a cruise from Nova Scotia right down and around the East coast of America and South America and then back up the West coast to Alaska. I may have to give up my job for a few months to go on that trip though!