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The Angels Cried

Audio Recorded by JimsPlace & onyxrose in the Style of Alan Jackson & Alison Krauss.
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Duet with my friend rose thanks for stoppin by

Don't Close Your Eyes

Video Recorded by JimsPlace in the Style of Keith Whitley.
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Toon challenge don't close your eyes thanks for stoppin by

Butterfly Kisses (No Backing Vocals)

Audio Recorded by JimsPlace in the Style of Bob Carlisle.
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For those who struggle

How Great Thou Art

Video Recorded by JimsPlace & Jerry_Douglas_Jr & More in the Style of Alan Jackson.
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Singing with my friend scott thanks for stoppin by

My Elusive Dreams

Video Recorded by JimsPlace in the Style of Tammy Wynette & David Houston.
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Open duet

After The Lovin'

Video Recorded by JimsPlace in the Style of Engelbert Humperdinck.
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Fly Away

Video Recorded by JimsPlace in the Style of John Denver.
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Week three of summerfest. folks i am really wearing pj bottoms. you cannot see them because i am sitting in my wheel chair which makes it a bit hard to stand up and show you.

I Will Be Here (Acoustic Version) (No...

Video Recorded by JimsPlace in the Style of Steven Curtis Chapman.
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SURPRISE we were separated three years. i owed her some money so she suggested we meet at walmart to make the exchange. she began to talk about her current boyfriend. and like most well meaning males, i did not listen. why would i want to listen to her speak about this jerk who asked her to date him exclusively, but who refused to commit to her. that definitely led to an argument. we went inside the store and traded a few more words. out of the blue, i blurted out, "why don't you come by my house this afternoon and talk?" surprisingly she agreed. i figured she just said that to get away and would become a no-show. boy was i surprised when she pulled up in the driveway. i was a busy boy putting my plan together to charm her back into my arms! she said she would go home and call him to get his response. later the same evening, she called me to say it was over with him. this same woman who told me weekends sitting in my driveway she missed him and was going to see him asked me to keep her dog while going to spend the weekend with him, said it was now over. i could not grasp the meaning of what she said. i did my thing for her. it worked. so we got back together. now we are married.

Ain't Got No Home

Video Recorded by JimsPlace in the Style of Clarence Frog Man Henry.
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Summerfest wk 2 once again, the same young farmer couple i told told you about last week found themselves in a bad situation. the wife came to her husband and said, "honey, we got no money. we got some milk cowwowes, no milk will they give. , we got some milk cow wowes, no milk will they give." then one day a rooster come in their yard! and caught those milk? c-o-w-e-s right off their guard! now their giving eggnog in their containers, ever since that rooster come in their yard!

It Ain't Me Babe

Audio Recorded by JimsPlace in the Style of Johnny Cash.
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All right friends and neighbors, let's dance thanks for stoppin by