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For What Earthly Reason

By birdsong 21 in the Style of Gospel
2 views 2 comments 1
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I think this is my favorite of all and I are the reason He died.....thank you Jesus....thanks for listening....still having sinus problems ....GOD bless...

The Twelfth Of Never

By birdsong 21 in the Style of Johnny Mathis
12 views 5 comments 3
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I was looking through my sister Beverly's songs and found this and had to add harmony to it....I've always loved this song....Beverly is known as tweetyb on Sing Snap.....I think you will enjoy her beautiful lead on this singing with you Beverly.....

Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep

By birdsong 21 in the Style of Bing Crosby
35 views 10 comments 3
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Love this song...hope you enjoy....GOD bless and thanks for listening...

Wish You Were Here

By birdsong 21 in the Style of Gospel
13 views 4 comments 2
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A very beautiful song....hope you enjoy ...GOD bless....

I Believe Jesus Died For Me

By birdsong 21 in the Style of Carroll Roberson
16 views 8 comments 5+
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Carroll Roberson has a beautiful voice and really beautiful songs....if you would like to hear him sing he is on you tube.....he wrote this song ....hope you enjoy ....GOD bless...


By birdsong 21 in the Style of Westlife
25 views 11 comments 5+
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GOD is good....keep smiling.....thanks for listening....hope you enjoy this 3 part harmony.....GOD bless

It's Now Or Never

By birdsong 21 in the Style of Elvis Presley
43 views 4 comments 4
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I wish Elvis had sung this song and used these words....he was so good at singing Gospel.....hope you enjoy listening....GOD bless......

The Old Rugged Cross

By birdsong 21 in the Style of Gospel
15 views 3 comments 4
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My voice is not very strong today ....sinus problems....hope this song is a blessing to of the old favorites....GOD bless...

He Keeps Me Singing

By birdsong 21 in the Style of Standard Gospel
23 views 6 comments 5
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Singing with my sister Beverly (tweetyb)....she is singing the lead and I added the harmony....hope you enjoy this wonderful song....

You Are The Potter

By birdsong 21 in the Style of The Perry Sisters
27 views 4 comments 5
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HE is the Potter.....we are the clay....haven't sung this one in a while....hope you enjoy....having sinus problems today.....thanks for listening....