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On A Snowy Christmas Night

By starsearch 68 +3 in the Style of Elvis Presley
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Judge Contribution Song

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

By starsearch 68 +3 in the Style of Celine Dion
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[center] This song takes me back when school was out in 1969. I was raised Christian and always curious about Our Lord and Savior. There was news about a lady in Pt Arthur seeing a vision of Christ on her screen door. Out of curiosity I went with a friend to see the event. What I didn't know was that I'd in fact see the vision of Christ. I stood there over 45 minutes until suddenly a wave of electricity over came me and I was captured by the vision of Christ on that door. People from all over where coming there to see the event. Alot never saw Him! I couldn't pull myself away so mesmerized by what was happening. The feeling of actually seeing His Face just took me spell bound. When I visualize Christ, the Holy Spirit just fills all my senses. The touch of God is indescribable. This song brings me close to that moment long ago and now even more today. I'm sending the web link for those curious about reading the event.

When Something Is Wrong With My Baby

By starsearch 68 +3 Featuring KOKOMOELDIABLO 39 +3 in the Style of Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville
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Listen To The Music

By starsearch 68 +3 in the Style of The Doobie Brothers
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We listen to sounds everyday. Sounds in the sky, Sounds of traffic, Sounds of animals, Sounds of nature, and our senses pick up the smallest sounds even in a quiet room some hear the sound of a pin drop or a droplet of water. Most of all we love the sound of music. It fills the senses with movement. A small child will dance to the radio or tv music. It is the feel of something good inside. I think music is touching our innermost feelings of passion, love, sadness, grief, and everything that makes us human with our sense of well being. With music we can relate what is happening to us in our lives. When we hear good music this makes us feel happy and peaceful. Puts us in a good mindset. I chose this song to give that feel good perspective of well being.

Strawberry Wine

By starsearch 68 +3 in the Style of Deana Carter
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[center] This song reminds me of my days as a teen dating and my innocence. We actually drank strawberry wine. This takes me back to horse back riding in the sandy country roads and we rode double. We found a clearing in some woods to rest and sat. We kissed and thoughts ran wild at that age but about the time we where tempted a young boy came walking past. lol So we got back on the horse and rode home. The tastes of those lips reminds me of that special sweetness when everything is new. The taste of everything in a relationship. You do the math!

It's A Heartache

By starsearch 68 +3 in the Style of Bonnie Tyler
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Eat It

By starsearch 68 +3 in the Style of Weird Al Yankovic
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Rhythm Of The Rain

By starsearch 68 +3 in the Style of The Cascades
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I can always smell when it's about to rain. Rain can be soothing to most at night in bed listening to the pitter patter. Some it's a reminder of sad times and when you are down with the blues it seems rain or storms make you feel that sadness even more. Since this song is about a break up it's the "blue smell of rain" emphasized here.

True Colors

By starsearch 68 +3 in the Style of Cyndi Lauper
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I chose this song because sometimes things in life causes us to hide our thoughts and feelings and we miss out on what's important around us. When we express ourselves openly and honestly, we open up our inner most artistic abilities for others to see the real person. The doors are open and the magic begins.

Burning Love

By starsearch 68 +3 in the Style of Elvis Presley
65 views 86 comments 5+
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