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Especially For You

Audio Recorded by beambam & carla_mischa in the Style of Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan.
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At Isha's Shindig...hehe! happy birthday BFF! ;) muwah muwah muwah!!!

Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow

Audio Recorded by beambam & Garci in the Style of Vonda Shepard & Emily Saliers.
760 views 48 comments

Kuya garci sorry...basag...di na ata ako marunong mag record at ang audacity ko eh late magrecord hirap magrecord na yun ang gamit...churi po...try ko ulit next time...

Calling All Angels (Duet Version)

Video Recorded by beambam in the Style of Jane Siberry & K.D. Lang.
207 views 62 comments

Advanced Happy Mother's Day to all moms, specially to my mom! ;) An Angel to Watch Over Me She watched by my cradle Through long sleepless nights She taught me to pray as she knelt by my side She guarded my childhood and all through the years She echoed my laughter She counted my tears In the arms of my mother I came to believe That God sent an angel to watch over me She taught me the meaning of courage & faith She taught me to live with the Lord as my strength She taught me to follow the pathway He marked She guided my steps when the journey grew dark And I know there were dangers that I could not see But God sent an angel to watch over me She taught me to serve w/ the spirit that sings She taught me to seek after heavenly things And because of her love & her kindness & care Because of the place that I hold in her prayers And because of her goodness I still believe That God sent an angel to watch, over me

Who Am I

Audio Recorded by beambam in the Style of Casting Crowns.
408 views 42 comments

I dunno how this song should end so the the last part's kinda disastrous...misha all ;)

No Greater Love

Video Recorded by beambam in the Style of Rachael Lampa.
363 views 56 comments

My heart's song ;)

Sunny Came Home

Video Recorded by beambam in the Style of Shawn Colvin.
392 views 75 comments

Hmmmm 10th i saved & over a hundred takes...all 10 has flaws...this may sound my best but hmmmm I did my best requested by TOTI ;)

Give Me Forever (I Do)

Video Recorded by beambam in the Style of James Ingram & John Tesh.
130 views 44 comments

Kinalawang na boses ko hehe...paos na me ;) i looked for a song i don't need to learn/practice & something i can sing at the least takes coz i have to prepare my things & sleep early ...just missed singsnap sooo much while browsing my favorites, i thought it's cute to sing for my future husband...heheh! few years from now, i'll let him listen & he'll know that he's special coz i've been singing for him even long before i knew it's "HIM" sorry, i dunno the singer's style so this is a little bit my own ;)

When I Fall In Love

Video Recorded by beambam in the Style of Celine Dion & Clive Griffin.
1,214 views 76 comments

Be my Brad Kane Please...if this is still distorted i can send the file instead ;) Sing the lines in blue & green or sing this any way you want... <B><FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="green">WE COULD BE IN LOVE</Font></B> Written by Glen Burtnick and Sheay Peiken Performed by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Magenta">Be still, my heart Lately its mind is on its own It would go far and wide Just to be near you</font> <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Blue"> Even the stars Shine of it bright I've noticed When you're close to me</Font> <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Magenta"> Still it remains a mystery</Font> Chorus 2 <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Green"> Anyone who's seen us Knows what's going on between us It doesn't take a genius To read between the lines And it's not just wishful thinking Or only me who's dreaming I know what these are symptoms of We could be in love</Font> <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Magenta"> I ask myself why I sleep like a baby through the night Maybe it helps to know You'll be there tomorrow</Font> <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Blue"> Don't open my eyes</Font><FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Magenta">ooohooh</Font> <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Blue">I wake from the spell I'm under Makes me wonder how</Font> <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Magenta"> Tell me how I could live without you now</Font> Chorus 2: <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="green"> And what about the laughter The happy ever after Like voices of sweet angels Calling out our names</Font><FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Blue">Oooh</Font><FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="green"> And it's not just wishful thinking Or only me who's dreaming I know what these are symptoms of We could be in love</Font> Bridge: <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Blue"> All my life I have dreamed of this But I could not see your face </Font><FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Magenta"> Don't ask why two such distant stars Can fall right into place</Font> (Repeat chorus 1) <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="green"> Oh, it doesn't take a genius To know what these are symptoms of We could be...</Font><FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Magenta">oooh</Font> <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="green">We could be...</font> <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="blue">Could be in</Font> <FONT FACE="verdana" SIZE="4" COLOR="Green">We could be in love We could be in love</Font> to all who dropped by my previous recording of this song, thank you soooooo much & sorry if i kept them private ;) <a href="/snap/profile/overview/a825291" ><img src="" height="60" class="avatar" alt="" width="60" /></a><a href=""> Duet w/ Kuya Garci </a> <a href="/snap/profile/overview/ae28413" ><img src="" width="60" class="avatar" height="60" alt="" /></a><a href=""> Duet w/ Will </a> <a href="/snap/profile/overview/b2307ca" ><img src="" alt="" width="60" height="60" class="avatar" /> </a><a href=""> duet w/ my bebe fwend YLLA </a> <a href="/snap/profile/overview/b7241d3" ><img src="" class="avatar" alt="" height="60" width="60" /></a><a href=""> duet jasper </a> <a href="/snap/profile/overview/ac25b22" ><img src="" height="60" width="60" class="avatar" alt="" /></a><a href=""> duet Toti </a> Thanks for the lovely duets!!! ^_^

How Could An Angel Break My Heart

Audio Recorded by beambam in the Style of Toni Braxton.
452 views 70 comments

Maybe i could perform better next time...but i'm uber tired and babyface is waiting to do his part...sorry if this is far from perfect ;) keeping this an OPEN DUET to anyone who could sing babyface's part ;)