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I Will Serve Thee

By Lilly in the Style of Praise & Worship
42 views 30 comments 2
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Amazing Grace (xl)

By Lilly Featuring pottershand in the Style of Traditional
57 views 18 comments 3
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This is a duet with Vi and me. It was great to sing this so that both of us are singing our own parts, one after one. And in the last verse we sing together.

Tell Me The Story of Jesus

By Lilly in the Style of Gospel
54 views 32 comments 3
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Once again, an old gospel tune.

He Is Exalted (No Backing Vocals)

By Lilly Featuring pottershand & Others in the Style of Twila Paris
69 views 17 comments 4
Video Recorded

TheScooter79, Pottershand and me Lilly. I wanted to join this beautiful song with my awesome friends for worshipping the Lord. (the quality of this video is not the best, but I think the sound is good.

Fairest Lord Jesus

By Lilly in the Style of Standard Gospel
33 views 24 comments 3
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What A Mighty God We Serve

By Lilly in the Style of Children's Bible Songs
41 views 19 comments 1
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Ride Out Your Storm

By Lilly in the Style of Standard Gospel
57 views 31 comments 4
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This song is new here in Singsnap. I have heard this song a few times. It tells how we should keep our eyes on Jesus what ever happens in our life.

Old Rugged Cross

By Lilly in the Style of Loretta Lynn
32 views 18 comments 5
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This is my practice for my Senior's home visit with the song group.

Let The Lower Lights Be Burning

By Lilly in the Style of Standard Gospel
58 views 35 comments 4
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This is an old gospel song that we used to sing in our church when I was yet quite young. We sang it in Finnish.

He's In the Midst

By Lilly Featuring con58976 36 in the Style of Gospel
26 views 25 comments 3
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This is a feature song. I wanted to sing this song today and I found that Con..... sang this song so wonderfully, that I really wanted to join Him today. After a while I am going to go for singing in one church close to my home town with a song group. I really needed to sing something today before it. I hope that you Con... don't mind if I sang this duet with you.