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CBacon's real name is Dennis Deveaux. Dennis is 38 years old, is located in Alberta / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since January 15, 2012. Dennis has a total of 98 public recordings that have been viewed 4,119 times and 114 achievement points.

Information Written by CBacon 23

My name is Dennis and I was born & raised in Canada. My hobbies include photography, computers/technology, and music. Oh, and I just have to add "eating lasagna & other pasta" in there too! *laughs*

While I've enjoyed singing for as long as I can remember, I only discovered karaoke back in 2003, and I've been hooked ever since. Not only is karaoke a lot of fun, but it has also helped me come out of my shell. I love sharing music with others, and have met a lot of wonderful friends who also enjoy singing. I tend to be fairly shy when going to a new place, but once I get in front of the microphone, everything changes!

Over the past few years, I've expanded my horizons with the types of songs I sing. While ballads are still my favorite songs to sing, but I've been known to delve into rock, country, showtunes, and even the odd Italian song (did I mention I love lasagna?) I'm always willing to try any song at least once, and am always up for a challenge.

The name "CBacon" refers to "Canadian Bacon" -- a nickname I was given by a KJ in Florida a few years back during a big karaoke get-together down there, as I was the only Canadian present. I laughed when I first heard it, and knew that I just had to adopt that as my karaoke nickname.

Hope you all enjoy my singing, and if there's a song you think I should try, by all means let me know.