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Stepping away,just not feeling the music,must focus on my health and well being and work take care

SandraBee is 55 years old, is located in South Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 25, 2010. Currently, she has a total of 41 public recordings which have been viewed 3,570 times.

I just don't feel the music anymore I am going to step away I have to focus on getting my life in order .I believed after my aunt and best friend die last year I was looking for a change needed a change things happen and I let my heart lead and not my head So now I am here by myself again completely starting over it seems like bad luck from the start just kept finding me I am working but trying to maintain 40 hours a week not always happening on two part time jobs I have to fine more work as one little set back is one to many I will use better judgment in the further and use my head not my heart it has been a long haul and a hard lesson to learn I feel like my stress level has triple which has brought my blood pressure up also not a good thing .I will keep stumbling and moving on and working on making a happy place for me as I think I deserve it.I will cross my fingers and strive to financially get ahead as that is a major issue. I am thinking another move might just be in the picture as memories and lonesomeness has consume me here and that's just not healthy for me I need to be closer to family and friends and not these walls .I do not recommend anyone at my age to start over unless you have a plan B in case plan A does not work ,I am tired and just want to give up some days .but I don't with the holidays coming it can be more depressing but going to check into volunteering serving meals,I believed it is something I need to do,So my friends I will take my leave please be safe,take care,and God Bless....