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If u meet someone online it could be different in person just saying good luck to u if it works

SandraBee is 55 years old, is located in South Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 25, 2010. Currently, she has a total of 41 public recordings which have been viewed 3,633 times.

I just don't feel the music anymore I am going to step away I have to focus on getting my life in order .I believed after my aunt and best friend die last year I was looking for a change needed a change things happen and I let my heart lead and not my head So now I am here by myself again completely starting over it seems like bad luck from the start just kept finding me I am working but trying to maintain 40 hours a week not always happening on two part time jobs I have to fine more work as one little set back is one to many I will use better judgment in the further and use my head not my heart it has been a long haul and a hard lesson to learn I feel like my stress level has triple which has brought my blood pressure up also not a good thing .I will cross my fingers and strive to financially get ahead as that is a major issue. I am thinking another move might just be in the picture as memories and lonesomeness has consume me here and that's just not healthy for me I need to be closer to family and friends and not these walls .I do not recommend anyone at my age to start over unless you have a plan B in case plan A does not work ,I am tired...I want no one's pity...... I just want you to know if you make Drastic changes for yourself and someone else ,you really do not know that person and if they will do the same for you .Remember you are on line just because they say I love you now when you are their in person its a whole different story because now it's called committing And a lot of people can say it on line but off line They feel corner and realize they just cannot do it .But it does not help if you have moved already. Do not get me wrong their are some people who will try and it will work but you have to try first I congratulate you for trying .I am not here to bash anyone just make you aware online failures can happen it did to me and everyday it is a struggle I do not wish it on anyone and because I really cared for them it hurts all the more because they moved on from the start. it does not disappear over nite if you really cared for them. Just saying Please don't be stupid like I was.......I am checking into volunteering somewhere for the holidays it will help others and fill my emptiness something I need to do for me as I don't have anyone around here as a friend but a couple hours away my good friend Renee she has seen the struggle and offer her friendship I thank you for that she is my new sister and girl I have your back also . So now my real journey is beginning I hope for the better... Take care all Love Sandra...