If it's true love then make sure u are the 1 and only they seek out or you R just fooling yourself.

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Well I found a karaoke place right down the street from someone I know ..My coworker offer her hand in friendship and she brought tears to my eyes when she said girl, you don't have family here .please call me if you need anything have any trouble or just to talk I am there for you. That was really nice and sincere .I also made a great friend on singsnap Renee_sings you seen and felt my pain and frustration's and knew exactly what I have been going through as you went through the same situation and you understand healing takes time and feelings at least on our part do not subside in a month or two, or even longer you have been their for me when I thought I was the only one on this Merry go round.thank you for reaching out to me and keeping me in your prayers. I will be visiting you next week I am sure we have a lot more to talk about .and girl singsnap will never be the same ... Sometimes we make the wrong choices in life then feel trapped and want out But how you handle those choices tells a lot about you... Remember if it's true love ,then you should be the only one period..otherwise you will be waiting forever ...The original Tiger and we don't leave anything behind for leftovers ...Go tigers . ...... .... I like this ..