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NA.NA SINGS.. r/c0a6d746b outta here for a while some decisions to make

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My eyes are getting crossed looking at jobs on line. And just when you think you found something, the site wants you fill out questions for college classes. Just going to actual businesses around GA and SC on line .need to work more .can be stressful and worrisome ,but I will make the best of it and try to keep my head together. I want this move and new start to work had a lot of set backs here to start and thought what have I done, I was miserable up north I just want to be happy here and feel like something will go right for a change .It is hot...but it is beautiful here the hills ,the dams ,the swamps .still looking for an alligator. lol Most the people are friendly and will love to talk me lol I need to work more and make this work I have no choice but to .setting here makes me go nuts ,have to fine a few friends these walls don't answer me when I talk lol. Crossing my fingers and toes and praying.....,,,,,,,,, ......