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Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year….

weieast is 69 years old, is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 11, 2009. She has a total of 429 public recordings that have been viewed 35,621 times.

At this stage of my life so many things are different as they were from the day I was born to where I am now…..being retired and enjoying many things I didn't have time to do before…so much to be thankful for....I live in Northern California where we have such lovely weather most the year.

I enjoy doing so many things like photography, fine dining, or cooking at home….Love to do wine tasting and belong to a winery in the foothills. I like taking drives in the mountains, ocean or any place I think I can get some good pictures. Camping and fishing are great, good walks, and riding my bicycle….. Enjoy concerts, plays, live entertainment at a music event, short trips or a get away for a week or two to some tropical place. I am a warm weather gal….

I love snooping around in second hand stores, shopping, good movies at a movie theater or at home….I am a home body but do love getting out and being social….Of course the highlight of my life will always be spending time with my children and grandchildren… and sister in law.

I take care of my home inside and out and feel great that I am able to do it all with on a rare occasion pay someone to do something but for the most part I am it…I even take my garbage out to the dump, well that sounds delightful lol…..feel prideful that I can do most of it myself is an accomplishment. I am a very independent woman and love my freedom:)

I love being on SS and have been here going on 6 years….my new thing to say and nothing unique about it is: Where does time go???????? It seems I find myself saying this a lot more all the time.

Anyway there is so much talent in this community and also enjoy my friends and new ones that I make often. This has been such a blessing to me in many ways, all the friendships I have made and cherish, hearing the talent here. Being able to express myself thru song. Not the greatest but have always enjoyed singing. Never trained was always to shy to take singing lessons. We all should be able to express ourself in some way and this is one of them for me….

Living in a small town (last 14 years) there isn't much to do that I like, I don't play golf and the golf course is 1/4 or less of a mile from my house, I also don't have a boat to go over to the water ways about 3 miles from my house…So that doesn't leave that much right here in town for me to do. No entertainment or movie theater in this town either. So SS has blessed me in so many ways…..I say thank you SS, and thank you Kurtis for directing me over here from Ksolo back in 09……Susan:)