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jerseygirl10's real name is Mona Teclaw. Mona is 54 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 18, 2010. She has a total of 1,302 public recordings that have been viewed 160,648 times and 203 achievement points.

Hi friends..I have been a SS member for four years now..I LOVE THIS SITE!. For those of you who have never visited..Welcome name is Mona (pronounced like "Donna' with an "M") I answer to most anything though lol. I love the Lord, my husband and my children. My family comes second only to My Lord. I also love music, of course, and have a real fondness for Country..especially traditional. But I will listen to anything that moves my heart and makes me feel something. I try my best to return visits and listens, but admit I fall behind from time to time. Please don't take that as "I don't care"..I really appreciate your time spent and each and every comment is read..even if I don't respond..I thank you.
For those who have 'known' me a bit longer, I am so blessed to consider you my friends. There are no words to thank all who have befriended me and made me happy to 'belong' here. You have lifted me up and made troubled days feel lighter. And even though I may never actually meet you, I feel like truer friends likely do not exist. God bless you all.
As for duets and such, I do enjoy singing with folks sometimes. I only ask that you are patient and understand that I cannot always get to a song right away or maybe it just doesn't fit right..(or maybe I've sung it too many times lol) so I may pass on certain songs. But I will honor what I can and love to meet new singers with new ideas. I hope you enjoy your visit and return often. Make your self at home ((HUGS))
I am the blessed mother of 2 talented oldest, Tara (Music724)
recorded this on my page a while back...she is crazy talented

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