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memoryL's real name is Memory L.. Memory is 58 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 5, 2010. She has only made one recording and 114 achievement points.

Information Written by memoryL 23

No Longer My Secret Hiding Place:
"This is where you came to find me, my Love. Remember when I lived here all alone, for eternity, and I thought I was destined to be a Slave to my Isolation? You arrived out of nowhere, perhaps a response to the secret, desperate roar of my Soul. I kept my terrible loneliness a forbidden secret. And there You were: with your gentleness, curiosity, and confidence, you peered inside my hiding place. To survive, I became a "Rescuer ", an illusion and projection of my inherent sense of unlovableness. Who gave you the right to expose all of this? To breathe in my direction, and melt my Ice Cave completely away? You knew if you asked me my consent, I would have never given it to you. I thought I had to earn your Love by rescuing you. Instead, you reached into my lonely ice cave and touched me in a way that can never allow for such an existence again. You aren't standing here anymore, and instead of building another ice cave, I have grown beautiful flowers as a reminder of how your presence melted the only home I ever knew. It was time to leave this home, and you were sent from Great Mother Love. You were once so faithful to your purpose, and my heart will forever write you poems of love, tenderness, and quiet passion. Thank you, Sweet Stranger, for you have indeed rescued me. Will you think of me when you gaze upon a beautiful flower, and think of the freedom we will always be bonded ......copied and pasted.