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I just love karaoke!..& 4me-its such a STRESS BUSTER!:) & also 4me 2feel like a recording star, for about just turned 62 this year-so U KNOW, I'm in a special-kind of ZONE & I'M VERY YOUNG@HEART! (& I feel like I'm 39!..lolz)..& also 4those inquiring minds..&..'No'..that's not my's of my fav Diva, singer..Diana Ross of The Supremes:) I Hope U enjoy my songs as much as I did trying to 'get it right' HAVE A GREAT '14! & PLZ SIGN MY GUEST BOOK..huggies

ps**************************Plz..Do Not leave LARGE pics in the comments sections, or pics of pigs, apes, monkees, elephants or dogs (sorry, no offense..but I'm just a kitty-fan ..or degrading pics..or ones that don't have..NOTHING 2do with the song..I prefer positives graphics or comments, hugs, flowers, etc. just as I would leave @ Ur site, when I return Ur visit ThankU for Understanding & Ur Luv & Kindness..
and May God Bless Us All~~

Thanks To All, Who voted my song..
"Love Train"..into the SingSnap Hall Of Fame:)) hugs & luv:)..GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
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