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nene37's real name is Stephanie S. Stephanie is 44 years old, is located in South Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 25, 2007. Currently, she has a total of 120 public recordings which have been viewed 13,278 times.


My beloved friend and brother in Christ, Mike McNally (equippedwithfire), passed away on 1/24/2014. He was an exemplary human being with an extraordinary capacity for love and kindness that touched all who had the privilege to know him. He was as genuine and true a friend as anyone could ever hope for. He was down-to-earth, honest and humble. But most of all, he loved his Lord Jesus with all his heart and wasn't afraid or ashamed to share that love with the world. Mike was a man after God's own heart, joyfully throwing himself into his Lord's service with reckless abandon, extending the loving hand of Jesus Christ to all he encountered. Even though he was in a lot of pain, he still got great joy out of giving, helping and loving others. He loved Christmas like a little kid does. He was a big ol' lovey dovey, tender-hearted teddy bear of a man and I miss him so much already I can't find the words to express it. I will miss his funny and dear typo-filled comments, his kind words of encouragement that always were exactly what I needed to hear and seemed to come just when I needed them the most. He had a special gift for that. I'll miss seeing his face pop up in my faves with a new recording with his rich, sweet, velvety voice. I know he's in heaven and that we'll meet again one day...but right now...tonight...I just miss my friend.

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