ky_gal's real name is Carol Henderson. Carol is 71 years old, is located in Ohio / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 12, 2006. Currently, she has a total of 643 public recordings which have been viewed 20,047 times.

Not a lot to tell about me.. I was born in Marshall Co. KY, raised in Cincinnati, back to KY in '85, after a lot of good and bad years, moved back to Cincinnati, and will probably be here the rest of my years..
Never sang any until about 4 yrs. ago, left that up to my 2 brothers, then I found sing snap and met a wonderful couple that lived close by and they got me into karaoke. The rest is history:) Sing snap really keeps me company as I live alone and have a lot of free time.
I have met a lot of people and some have become very good friends. I enjoy hearing y'all sing and getting visits as well. So, keep singin' and keep droppin' by..
Hope everyone has a happy, healthy and safe summer.. hugs and blessings to all:
ky_gal / Carol