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sj59 is located in Wales and has been a SingSnap member since May 16, 2011. She has a total of 9 public recordings that have been viewed 127 times.

my name is Shirley I am a tiger bay girl from Bute town Cardiff wales uk
I come from a musical family! and was names after Shirley Bassey ,, I have given up smoking after 40 years better late than never !I find it hard to catch my breath sometimes when singing but it's a consequence of the damage I have coursed but could have been a lot worst!!
I am not a good singer just normal lol one regret I have in life was being very shy and not speaking up for myself now at 55 I don't give a hoot like it or leave it! I am who I am open book and I am just finding myself so your never to old to start again ,,
I have made lots of friends on sing snap and its because we all have one thing in common we love to sing !! so keep singing you are all very special and have big hearts ,,,,

Bless you all

Shirley xxxxxx