Thanks for the *stars*.. have a great week!! hugss cindy :)

PRECIOUSBaybe is located in Canada and has been a SingSnap member since July 2, 2009. Currently, she has a total of 938 public recordings which have been viewed 1,408 times.

Hi I'm Cindy.. I'm a Kindergarten Teacher to Grade 7.. And I tutor..Right now..I am absent.. I'm taking care of my Mother..

I have a CAT..he is WONDERFUL..he is my bestie pet..and is helping me cope with the loss of my DAD. Anyways....

Here to sing.. I'm no PRO..but I enjoy singing.. It's a GREAT..STRESS release..

I sing with a headset and mic attached..NO trick mics, recorders or add on's .. I wish... I was a singer..but that isn't going to happen.. lol..

If I did I'd be making BIG BUCK$$$.. lol..

I can't read the music notes.. So G or B flat is all dutch to me.. lol.. As I am hearing impaired.. And I give it my all..

Going to listen to others and commenting is how I learn to sing songs.. I am a two finger I'm SLOW!! My fingernails get in the way.. lol..

Most songs I have heard over the years... My mom loves the OLDIES, ROCK n ROLL..and of course COUNTRY.. I grew up with it.. I like CHALLENGES.. Duets are that for me.. lol..

When I listen to my SS Friends sing.. I listen to the end.. I comment as I works best for me.. I listen sometimes 2 times.. My comments are true..and rarely will I do COPY n PASTE..but have..

And it gives me pleasure to PUSH the it button.. As I say.. We all are blessed with that MAGIC voice..