"walk your talk, sing and dance to your music"

Kenny1956 is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 30, 2008. Currently, he has a total of 3 public recordings which have been viewed 13 times.


This woman gives it all she has and on every song she delivers....A consumate performer , classy and beautifully elegant. Smooth style and sweet round tones
to borrow a phrase from her, "nobody does it better...

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"What a special friend" A great person!!! This is so precious, what sweetness and tenderness, such memories. (:
" rel="nofollow">Write your linked text here... Magnificent Mizliz.........
" rel="nofollow">. Had to go back to when I first started singing on Singsnap to find Jamie
"Just super excellent before the make me better button and mixers
.[/url" rel="nofollow"> so expressive and honestly true
she is adorable
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The epitome of Mr. Cool, prolific from the start, he sings and loves the blues...
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A friend told me about a off singsnap message from someone who said I must have dubbed this and it wasn't me,,,,,
anyway this was before the harmony stuff or a good mixer.... Jackie Wilson was imitated in dance style by Elvis and song style by Bobby Darin and many many people to follow, so I'm in good company,,,,Hope You like it!
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I'm not into Christmas, neither was my family, but I like the feeling people show toward one another that time of year and the way the songs and music make me feel happy, so for that here are two impressive souls that have a humorous spirit while not taking things so seriously!
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what range and high vocal ability
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My favorite duet partners
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a great version
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" rel="nofollow">before my singsnap days
" rel="nofollow">lena zavoronni

Just had to duet this special time in my life, my thanks to Mrs. Perfect Cazmania
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* C H E N I