Open Duet Recordings

The following is a list of open duets made by angiesing7. Click on any recording to join in and complete the song.


By angiesing7 37 in the Style of Faith Hill
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I love this song..... I don't love it when my kitty decides to snake himself across the carpet when I am singing....making his collar jingle. hmmm I think I will just have to remove his collar while I sing. Thanks for listening you night owls! (including myself) ;)

Good Enough

By angiesing7 37 in the Style of Evanescence
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If there was any song that was a nemesis of mine it would be this one. I think this is harder to sing than any aria I have done! Amy Lee's voice is so amazing and I swear that only she can sing this! (Truth!) I have done so many takes but I am not complaining because the opening music is so beautifully haunting that I really didn't mind listening to it over and over. Not even close to a finished recording of this but it is a challenge and I like it. ;)

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

By angiesing7 37 in the Style of Doris Day
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This is another great song to sing. I love these older songs! So relaxing and great to listen to in the night time! Thanks for listening and sweet dreams! :)

Here's That Rainy Day

By angiesing7 37 in the Style of Jazz Hits
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It has been such a rainy day that I thought that this would be a great song to sing. I remember this song being at a slower tempo though. I kind of made this my own and since it is jazz you can kind of be as free as you want. ;) Thanks for listening! :)

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

By angiesing7 37 in the Style of Dusty Springfield
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What a voice Dusty Springfield had! I have always admired her and I love her songs and have wanted to sing one of hers for awhile now. Thanks for listening! :)

Space Oddity

By angiesing7 37 in the Style of David Bowie
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Here am I singing with my iPhone (far above the world) lol No....I got a phone call in while I was recording and wasn't sure what it would do to the recording but I guess it went through. Kind of neat! I have always loved this song! It is one of those songs that you never forget! One of David Bowie's best I believe! Thanks for listening!

Heaven Knows

By angiesing7 37 in the Style of Donna Summer & Brooklyn Dreams
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Got to love that upbeat disco music...makes me want to dance! Now if only I didn't have this bum ankle right now....but for the rest of away! ;) Thanks so much for listening and have a great night! :)


By angiesing7 37 in the Style of Wynonna Judd & Michael English
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OPEN DUET! :D Please feel free to join me on this beautiful song! I was so happy that SS had this!

When You Say Nothing At All (No Backi...

By angiesing7 37 Featuring BryTunes +22 in the Style of Alison Krauss & Union Station
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Please Mr. Please

By angiesing7 37 in the Style of Olivia Newton-John
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This is such a lovely song and I wish I had put more energy into this but being as tired as I am that's all I can give at this point. Thanks so much for listening! :)