Open Duet Recordings

The following is a list of open duets made by POSS. Click on any recording to join in and complete the song.


By POSS in the Style of The Sound Of Music (Movie Version)
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R~I~P my Darling your still in My Heart <3 went a lil out of sync at the end because I saw her face while I sang, She's in a Better Place and has all her Memories back. <3 She had Alzheimer passed at 92 yrs young Leaving her Son David who took Care of her.he was Difficult. But finally he Knew her and I had a connection. he said that at the end/ I think I rubbed off on him.He didn't like or trust others much. Myself and the Neighbors are pretty much who he spoke with.He would make me so mad walking in the kitchen with his shoes. after I just washed the floor with Clorox. My lady slept in her bedroom slippers.It was the only place that didn't have carpet ,besides the bathroom. So every day I washed the floors.He would Joke with the neighbors about me. I don't care. I don't want her slippers dirty. :D First time singing this without crying and November 16th would be 2yrs since she Passed <3 My Darling had Just given her a Shower before I left on Fridays <3 I think we were taking her for a haircut. Once I ask him to Give her one. She wasn't feeling well and he liked it . With His Particular self. :D My Angel in Heaven <3 she is still my Baby ahhhhh <3


By POSS in the Style of Enrique Iglesias
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Big Sis Swanie ( raindrop 48 ) I know your busy but not to busy to dance ? :p Love you!! ty4 listening happy Singing and sharing Blessings :) <3 If Raymond has the time he would make the bk grounds for us .So ty for making these for me & others Blessings love them all Natalie :) <3

Break Up To Make Up

By POSS in the Style of The Stylistics
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warm up song hehehe thanks for listening Blessing :) <3


By POSS in the Style of Natalie Cole
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my way thanks for listening hope your day is going well!! "Inseparable" ;) your stuck like glue hush you like it!! :P

Don't Close Your Eyes

By POSS in the Style of Keith Whitley
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Don't close your eyes wake up!!! hehehe I tried love this song ty4L I have so many viruses this is not gonna last this year grrr

Turn On Your Love Light

By POSS in the Style of Bobby Blue Bland
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Ok don't know this heard it once on youtube having fun!! hahahaha

These Boots Are Made For Walking

By POSS in the Style of Jessica Simpson
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Just lay down and take your Punishment!! :P having Fun ty4L have a great Sing/Listen day

You Make Me Feel Brand New

By POSS in the Style of The Stylistics
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These are the songs I like and to sing both parts is the only way i feel it and can hear it playbk in my head this is the 2nd time posting this song but I sing it often in my room shhhhh ty for listening may not keep it ha! :) and this is the 1st take and I didn't listen bk all the way....