Open Duet Recordings

The following is a list of open duets made by ThePurpleDragonfly +4. Click on any recording to join in and complete the song.


By ThePurpleDragonfly +4 in the Style of Deep Purple
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Audio Recorded

OPEN DUET... To start, here's 3 back Up-Chucks vocal parts... Please feel free to take the whole lead part or parts of the lead and let someone else join ya, or heck yeah, I'll join ya to snack on what ever's left. :-D Peace! !!!!

I Just Want To Make Love To You

By ThePurpleDragonfly +4 in the Style of Foghat
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Audio Recorded

OPEN DUET - PLEASE TAKE THE LEAD! Sometimes start my songs by 1st recording background vocals and then do the lead part last... Haven't posted an open duet in such a long time, so thought I'd put up my 2-vocal backround parts here as an Open Duet until I can record my lead part on video... Have decided to try and at least compromise by doing 10% of my recordings on vid since I get so much flack for doing mostly audios (I know I know, I enjoy watching singers sing as well!). LOL So, the next song to be posted, am planning to do a video to this lead part. When ever the heck that can happen. LOL SO COME ON! GIVE IT A SHOT! ~ ~ ~ LETS ROCKKKKKKKKKKKK! PLEASE JOIN ME BY RECORDING THE LEAD PART -----OR----- BREAK IT UP & SING PART OF IT & I'll SWING BACK BY & SNAG IT TO SING THE REST OF IT WITH YA! Great ol' classic Foghat hit! WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YA! If ya do... Please send me the link or just post the link in the comments section below. THANKS! Peace! :-)!!!!