Open Duet Recordings

The following is a list of open duets made by Shilohkoko . Click on any recording to join in and complete the song.

Fever (Duet Version)

Video Recorded by Shilohkoko in the Style of Eva Cassidy & Chuck Brown.
32 views 7 comments

Feel free to join me on this fun tune and make it sizzle! Thanks for Listening

The Beat Goes On

Video Recorded by Shilohkoko in the Style of Sonny & Cher.
20 views 4 comments

Love that Sonny & Cher! A fun duet! Come on....Sing with me! Feel free to post your links back on this page! Can't wait to hear you! :o) Thanks for Listening....

Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Audio Recorded by Shilohkoko in the Style of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
32 views 6 comments

OPEN DUET ~ PLEASE JOIN IN I did a harmony part on the chorus and the 3rd verse. If ya join me just sing the lead parts on your part and the chorus. This song touches me so. Just the way it happened for me. Thanks for Listening....

Closer I Get To You

Video Recorded by Shilohkoko in the Style of Roberta Flack.
31 views 4 comments

A classic! Feel free to post your completed duet link back here. Thanks for singing with me. Thanks for Listening Too! :)

Falling Slowly

Video Recorded by Shilohkoko & Burkjr in the Style of Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova.
62 views 13 comments

Thanks Rob! You know I love singin' with ya! Great tune and I really enjoyed your take on it. Worked very well. :o) Hope you like my addition to it. Hugz to You MDF! (o: ~Thanks for Listening & Your Comments~ ~It Is Appreciated~

Love Is

Audio Recorded by Shilohkoko & Singingman1996 in the Style of Brian McKnight & Vanessa L. Williams.
115 views 8 comments

Let's Make Love

Video Recorded by Shilohkoko & Burkjr in the Style of Faith Hill & Tim McGraw.
82 views 16 comments

~ Thanks Rob. :O) Hope you likey. ~ ~Thanks for Listening & Your Comments~ ((((Hugz)))) #divbg {width: 100%;height: 100%;left:0px;top: 0px;position: fixed;z-index: -1; }#background{background:none;}body {background:none;} #toparea{height:160px;width:910px;background:url('') no-repeat top center;} a,h1,h2,p,td,th,tr,input,#new-message-count,textarea,.standard-form .button-inline,#usercontent{color:#FFD700 !important;}

You Don't Know Me

Video Recorded by Shilohkoko & MrNLeeper in the Style of Ray Charles & Diana Krall.
117 views 26 comments

A little birdie spoke to me told me that it was my friend Norm's Birthday! So this is a long overdue duet to celebrate Norm & his special day. :o) Norm, what can I say. You know I love your voice and the way you deliver these great songs. When I found this on your page I thought how appropriate. Why? Well you were born on January 8th, Elvis's birthday (I know you love some Elvis now as I do too.) & I was born on September 23rd, which was Ray Charles birthday. :O) How bout that? Two greats of the past but both are still very present with us today. It was my pleasure & delight to sing this with you. Your rendition was nothing short of stellar & I loved singing along. You are such a pro & it shows. :o) Wishing you a Wonderful Birthday with lots of Peace, Love & Happiness & I wish you many more to come my friend. :o) Hope you enjoy this. :O) ~Thanks for Listening & Your Comments~ ((((Hugz))))