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The following is a list of open duets made by MisterVesuvious. Click on any recording to join in and complete the song.

Invincible (explicit)

By MisterVesuvious 17 in the Style of Machine Gun Kelly & Ester Dean
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Audio Recorded

Take 23....... .........Use Take 23 I have such an appreciation for anyone that can spit this out fast enough to keep up. I might not like much of it, but I have a ton of respect for all the rappers out there. Now...are there any Ladies that want to take the Invincible Challenge and complete this with moi? Any guys that can hit those notes, you're more than welcome to try to sing along as well. No Limitations... We're Invincible...If someone does accept this Invincible Challenge, please let me know when you have it recorded...I REALLY want to hear this as a finished product.