Open Duet Recordings

The following is a list of open duets made by city-boy . Click on any recording to join in and complete the song.

Precious Memories

By city-boy 43 in the Style of Loretta Lynn
55 views 13 comments 5+
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Well I love this song and I love singing with my little brother. And Beth WOW! Jason Made a Christmas Choir and I bet this song could easily be as good if enough people join in on this. Oh well we'll see lol Gby all

September When It Comes

By city-boy 43 in the Style of Johnny Cash & Rosanne Cash
40 views 9 comments 5+
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Making Plans

By city-boy 43 in the Style of Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton
42 views 4 comments 3
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Broken Bridges

By city-boy 43 in the Style of Toby Keith & Lindsey Haun
95 views 36 comments
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OPEN DUET.....I know I'm hard to sing with. The question is are you up for the challenge lol? If you don't mind your partner not being perfect...Hey I'm your man lol. Fireflyone....aka Tater,gert. kiante........aka Connie Darlene59...aka Darlene Gentleone...aks Rhonda

Till A Tear Becomes A Rose

By city-boy 43 in the Style of L. Morgan & K. Whitley
68 views 6 comments 5
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OPEN DUET, anyone want to sing with ole city boy?

Midnight Cry

By city-boy 43 in the Style of Gold City
53 views 17 comments 5+
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My Sunday song. It's a beautiful song. hope you enjoy.