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The following is a list of open duets made by Z1GGY. Click on any recording to join in and complete the song.

Peace On Earth/The Little Drummer Boy (Radi...

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In the Style of Bing Crosby & Da...
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My first recording on the new iPhone app. And I chose a duet.... Derrrrr ! But WOW Sing Snap what a fantastic app, and executed brilliantly! It Just took me a bit of practice to get the levels right (I think? I hope?) ....I have not heard the finished article back yet ??? But I think the preview sounded pretty good over the headphones. I recorded the Bing Crosby part first and then the David Bowie part. I think it would be Very difficult to get the timings and harmonies right to this song even in a recording studio, never mind trying to do it by singing into an iphone!! Unbelievable !!!! I just hope it has turned out ok.? The app is a bit weird to start with but I quickly Sussed out a few ways to make things easier and better to record. And all in all I'm mega impressed with this app! I Just hope you enjoy my attempt to sing both parts of a duet performed by two of the biggest artists ever!! Oh and Merry Christmas!!! Stu xxx