Open Duet Recordings

The following is a list of open duets made by starsearch +57. Click on any recording to join in and complete the song.

One Dance

By starsearch 91 +57 in the Style of Drake & Wizkid & Kyla
34 views 26 comments 5+
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Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star

By starsearch 91 +57 in the Style of Merle Haggard
40 views 20 comments 5+
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During our star gazing, we found a brand new constellation! In your song comment section, we want you to NAME this constellation! "Sing Star Snap Constellation Icon" . The "S" is for 'Simply the best' The "I" is for that 'Iconic zest' and the "N" is for the 'Never Ending Fun' . the "G" is for the 'Good Times' the "S" is for the 'Sweet Rhymes' and the "N" is for the "Nonsense That's We Done" . The "A" is for ... "Awesome Friends That We've Made Along The Way" The "P" is for...Pleasure We Find Singing! .