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The following is a list of open duets made by maryhein. Click on any recording to join in and complete the song.

Glory and Gore

Video Recorded
By maryhein
In the Style of Lorde
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Ok so...job interview and why I would be an excellent candidate. I am under circumstances where my PERSONAL studio, video editor, and Photoshop is NOT available to me. Not happy about that in the least!!! I guess that is where this song is more perfect than what I initially thought. Glory and gore go hand in hand! I thought I would have glory, well in a sense, with a complete production to post for all to see but I guess you could call this gory in a sense. Also the line in the song that victory's contagious...well I hope that is true in this case. I hope that everyone who decided not to participate due to any similar circumstances give up that doubt and just go for it! I feel victorious, not for a profession looking production but for the fact that I held up my obligation and didn't just back down!b In light of speed bumps that have been thrown at me last night and today I still made my obligation to this challenge a huge priority much the same as I do with any obligation I make! I tried to get creative with the little resources I have available to me. Not sure how creative yall will find it as the sound quality and video aren't NEARLY as good as my equipment but I sure did my best I could with what I have!!! Thank the SingSnap gods for the iPhone app! Grant it, this is definitely NOT what many have come to expect from my recordings but I have learned in many a life lesson that you do the best with the hand you're felt and I was felt with no internet nor studio. If yall would like I would LOVE to get a complete production together with this song as I had SOOOOO much more envisioned for it than what I was able to produce! :( Another reason I feel I would be a great candidate is because I love to help and educate others in areas they wish to be more creative in and where I might be excelled at! I have learned from past experiences that it doesn't matter how good you might think your work is, how personal it might be, and how technical you think you are, not everything is based on techniques! I have learned to embrace the power of suggestion and opinion. You can't win at everything! Not insinuating anything about me or any other person but, even the best of the best fall like the rest! I have decided that rather than trying to be the best, I feel it would be so much more fun singing with the rest and helping to cushion anyone who might fall! That being said, to sum it all up, I have learned to live a more humble life, to appreciate what I have instead of wishing I had something better. I am resourceful, helpful, educated, and above all motivated to help in any way I can!!! Here is the sound quality I would have had if I was in my personal studio :(


Audio Recorded
By maryhein
In the Style of Rihanna & Mikky ...
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Thanks for any and all would be awesome!

I Won't Give Up

Video Recorded
By maryhein
In the Style of Jason Mraz
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Video REALLY doesn't line up but not at my computer so best I got for now. Searching for my song for a pretty big local contest.


Audio Recorded
By maryhein
In the Style of Camila
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Oh geesh...well it is an open duet even though I can't put anything more into it as it seems I have almost completely lost my voice yet again!


Video Recorded
By maryhein & CocoRosie
In the Style of Sheryl Crow & Ki...
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It was very difficult for me to hit some of these notes which made me a bit angry because usually I can but I couldn't pass this duet up even though I am sick. Hope you enjoy anyways ;)