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Below are the duets featuring Cat50 that appear on other members' pages.

If I Needed You

Video Recorded by Nickysings & Cat50 & More in the Style of Don Williams & EmmyLou Harris.
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Send A Message To My Heart

Video Recorded by ZEPHYRIN & Cat50 in the Style of Patty Loveless & Dwight Yoakam.
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Cat50 did the harmony on my version of this song, so decided to sing the LEAD on her version of "SEND A MESSAGE TO MY HEART" I guess you could call us "Double Trouble" or maybe "Double Wammy". Had fun singing this song with Cat50. Oh yes, The first spoken words before we started singing were "I'm the world's BIGGEST Leprechaun" Don't think all the message got recorded. Hope you enjoy your listen, and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all.

If I Were You

Audio Recorded by mellyp & Cat50 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Harmony with my new ss friend Cat :)