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Below are the duets featuring -Jay- that appear on other members' pages.

September When It Comes

Audio Recorded by Sheila & -Jay- in the Style of Johnny Cash & Rosanne Cash.
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Sangin' with the hubby :)

No Love

Audio Recorded by Lady-C & -Jay- in the Style of Eminem & Lil' Wayne.
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I hijacked Cher's account to sing this song with my boy Jay. You killed it by the way, my hat is off to you brutha. - Chuck

Imma Be

Audio Recorded by Katrice & -Jay- in the Style of Black Eyed Peas.
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Duet with my longtime friend, Jay! Love him to pieces! *WARNING* there are some bad words in this one. Thanks so much for listenin' <3

Meet Me Halfway

Audio Recorded by lsadsnz & -Jay- in the Style of Black Eyed Peas.
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Ive been singing the evening away lol, but had to get this one in real quick before i call it a night :) Thanks for the duet Jay, its been FOREVER!

Imma Be

Audio Recorded by TabathaMarie & -Jay- in the Style of Black Eyed Peas.
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He is so awesoome!! Thanks Jay!!

Meet Me Halfway

Audio Recorded by Purple72 & -Jay- in the Style of Black Eyed Peas.
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----------------------- thought for the day....

Meet Me Halfway

Audio Recorded by -Ana- & -Jay- in the Style of Black Eyed Peas.
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Wow, this was a challenge to get the right timing :) Jay did such an amazing job on his part so I couldn't resist to join him on this one :)

Ghetto Gospel

Audio Recorded by --Baz-- & -Jay- in the Style of 2Pac & Elton.
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I'm singing with Jay - Jay is absolutely incredible - the end. I met this wonderful guy over 6 years ago on here and he is one of my longest standing friends. Jay asked me to join him on this over 3 years ago now and it was truly an honour and a privilege to be asked - and you'll understand why when you hear him. And so I have had this burning desire to ask Jay if we could collaborate on it again - 2014. He made my day when he agreed. The 2011 version was the most successful recording that I've ever been involved in on here - it spent months on the original Hall of fame, and again, you'll know exactly why, when you hear Jay. I want to add that not only is this man a mighty fine singer, an absolutely incredible rapper as you'll hear, and the loveliest guy that you could ever wish to meet - and he has the most wonderful wife - Sheila, but he has had very little time on snap over the past few years because he has been studying his ass off - and in September of last year, he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Software System Engineering and is now currently pursuing a second Bachelor's Degree focused on Software Development and as I've followed his post's on Facebook - I just want to tell you that I'm really proud of you Jay and proud for what you've achieved - you're an inspiration in so many respects because I know that you have put absolutely everything into it. Ok - sorry for the novel I just wanted to get it all out there :-) Thank you so much if you stop by and listen to us ;-) And Jay...thanks for letting me sing with you again :-)

Meet Me Halfway

Audio Recorded by CassandraM8859 & -Jay- in the Style of Black Eyed Peas.
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Me singing a duet with Jay!


Audio Recorded by brat123 & -Jay- in the Style of B.o.B. & Hayley Williams.
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