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Below are the duets featuring Boney-Jo that appear on other members' pages.

I Know Him So Well

Audio Recorded by elliexx & Boney-Jo in the Style of Elaine Page & Barbara Dickson.
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Thank you for leaving this open. It was a pleasure joining you.

Goodness Gracious Me (Duet)

Video Recorded by FatRat & Boney-Jo in the Style of Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren.
35 views 6 comments

Singing with my best "patient" and fellow? Aussie, Maaaate!! ;-) Hope you like this Jo ;-) My diagnosis is that you are very sweet, ;-)) All the Best, Jeff

Til I Can Make It On My Own

Video Recorded by godbless & Boney-Jo in the Style of Kenny Rogers & Dottie West.
39 views 15 comments

Sing with the stars Duet Thanks if u listen Huggz John God Bless++

The Air That I Breathe

Audio Recorded by diana317ooo2 & Boney-Jo in the Style of The Hollies.
82 views 11 comments


Audio Recorded by Misskitty61 & Boney-Jo in the Style of Alexandra Burke.
8 views 5 comments

Thankyou for stopping by to listen.