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Below are the duets featuring Katrice that appear on other members' pages.

Love Me Tender (No Backing Vocals)

Audio Recorded by brian007 & Katrice in the Style of Elvis Presley.
3 views 2 comments

What Are We Doin' In Love

Video Recorded by BryanKeith & Katrice in the Style of Dottie West & Kenny Rogers.
22 views 10 comments

Thank you SO much Katrice! Girl you are just AWESOME!!!! I hope ya like it! Big Hugs Bryan


Audio Recorded by Yankee_Julie314 & Katrice in the Style of Johnny Cash & June Carter.
8 views 2 comments

Well, I had this in the inner circle until Katrice could hear it. That brave woman told me to post it even though she didn't have time to listen right then. LOL Well, Katrice, if you leave your songs open for duets you might end up with riff raff like me joining you. hehehe Just having some fun!

Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues

Audio Recorded by joycey & Katrice in the Style of Danny O'Keefe.
14 views 7 comments

Julie ... come whistle for us :o)

Your Side Of The Bed

Video Recorded by Keithy69 & Katrice in the Style of Little Big Town.
24 views 3 comments

Thanks to my dear friend Katrice for letting me singalong with her... enjoyed!!!

When I'm Back On My Feet Again

Video Recorded by MidnightRambler & Katrice in the Style of Michael Bolton.
12 views 1 comment

Tried singing with the great Katrice. I did say I tried.


Video Recorded by Joe11571 & Katrice in the Style of Travis Tritt.
10 views 0 comments

I hope you don't mind I had to sing this one with you. Thank you

It'll Be Me

Video Recorded by sunseeker63 & Katrice in the Style of Exile.
19 views 1 comment

Adding some male backing voice to this beautiful female voice of Katrice... Thank You, Katrice, Your part is awesome!!!

Whenever You Come Around

Video Recorded by DonnyCollazo & Katrice in the Style of Vince Gill.
39 views 6 comments

I have been wanting to sing one with Katrice for a while now, so when I saw she had recorded this one, one of my favorites! I had to join her. A pleasure singing with you Katrice

Blue Bayou

Video Recorded by toowild2tame & Katrice in the Style of Linda Ronstadt.
16 views 1 comment

Katrice in the BLUE BLUE BAYOU and doing it BLUE TIFULLY Sorry about the no shirt look-- hot hot hot here in the San Tan's