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Below are the duets featuring DJRAY that appear on other members' pages.


Video Recorded by Sarge1945 & DJRAY & More in the Style of Rufus Wainwright.
20 views 3 comments

I've Got A Dream

Video Recorded by TDC & DJRAY in the Style of from Tangled.
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HaHa!! Yeah! I got a dream...If anything, have fun with this...it's not perfect, but tons of fun!!! Thanks to GJRAY for his glorious basso buffo! ;)

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Audio Recorded by kareblblt & DJRAY in the Style of Alan Jackson.
25 views 14 comments


Put On A Happy Face

Video Recorded by diditomic & DJRAY in the Style of Tony Bennett.
25 views 3 comments

Group performance for JACK! Speedy recovery! ;)

Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Audio Recorded by pati12 & DJRAY in the Style of Loretta Lynn.
11 views 2 comments

I'll Fly Away

Audio Recorded by LU-RENE & DJRAY in the Style of Traditional.
38 views 6 comments

Just had to join you all on this beautiful old gospel song. It has such an emotional meaning to me. When my dad died he had to be transported from our little small town hospital by helicopter to St. Francis hospital in Tulsa, OK. He died on the operating table. My Mom, sis and I reuested this song be sung at his funeral because to us, he did "fly away" in that helicopter, and then of course, on to Glory!! Thanks, Lurene Click on Banner to Share more at SingSnap Gospel Group

I Need Thee Every Hour (No Backing Vo...

Video Recorded by Sharleen & DJRAY in the Style of Traditional.
27 views 3 comments

After The Lovin'

Video Recorded by joybeaulieu & DJRAY in the Style of Engelbert Humperdinck.
13 views 3 comments

I Can't Stop Loving You

Video Recorded by jeanie & DJRAY in the Style of Ray Charles.
17 views 6 comments

Till A Tear Becomes A Rose

Video Recorded by Touchthesky & DJRAY in the Style of L. Morgan & K. Whitley.
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