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Black Water

Video Recorded
By Yankee_Julie314 +2 & twilightzone22 +1 & More
In the Style of The Doobie Brothers
13 views 4 comments

Thank you for inviting me to sing with you and Rick, JoAnn. Talk about just messin' around and havin' fun, huh? I love having fun with my friends in SS. hehe. Sorry that my voice is sounding so rough tonight. So can I come to the barbecue now? If anyone else joins us, please copy and paste this paragraph including the names of the singers to the recording info of your recording. Don't forget to add your own screen name to the bottom of the list and send us all the link to your recording so we can all listen and comment. THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS! rickjnichols1954- twilightzone22 Yankee_Julie314

All I Have To Do Is Dream (No Harmony)

Audio Recorded
By HanaP7280 & twilightzone22 +1
In the Style of The Everly Brothers
45 views 8 comments

...I do not believe :))))) absolute madness !!!! :)))))))))) quintet !!! :)) Hana Twilightzone22 Lollygoogle Gramp Ourboi18

Dust In The Wind

Video Recorded
By pixieredhead & twilightzone22 +1 & More
In the Style of Kansas
94 views 16 comments

Ok cough cough got a request from my little brother rickles to sing this with all of you and dang there is my other little brother Rich, so not passing up girls you were fabulous and yes guys you were too love you all hugs

Sweet Home Alabama

Video Recorded
By colors +2 & twilightzone22 +1 & More
In the Style of Lynyrd Skynyrd
26 views 3 comments

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Video Recorded
By SweetLA +3 & twilightzone22 +1 & More
In the Style of Creedence Clearw...
48 views 4 comments

Farewell Party

Video Recorded
By buffoloo & twilightzone22 +1
In the Style of Gene Watson
76 views 1 comment

My duet hope you like it

Handle With Care

Video Recorded
By singingmeme & twilightzone22 +1 & More
In the Style of Traveling Wilburys
55 views 6 comments

Singaling123x2, singingmemex2, twighlighzone22x2, and singingmeme, smartypants, lol.....having a blast with some friends, lol...TOO MUCH FUN, WHAT IS THAT???? ~~~~Jo~~~ Kurtis, twighlightzone22....we all love it!!~~and thank you for listening!!~~

The Wayward Wind

Video Recorded
By Goxnadly +3 & twilightzone22 +1
In the Style of Gogi Grant
18 views 2 comments


Bye Bye Love

Video Recorded
By kaimee130 & twilightzone22 +1 & More
In the Style of The Everly Brothers
29 views 9 comments

Bye Bye Love Infinite Duet - Join in! Nazzo Vic rockinrandy Simply_Amy Nazzo GoodCdngirl rickjnichols1954- Vic Nazzo ukmusic Simply_Amy Raregem pinkkk Simply_Amy mrcoolguy50 twilightzone22 kaimee130 YOU ARE HERE!! :) Truxing wireyousinging asingerofsongs Continue with this one!

We Are The World

Video Recorded
By rickjnichols1954- +15 & twilightzone22 +1 & More
In the Style of Lionel Richie & ...
129 views 5 comments

Recording information by rickjnichols1954-GOLD +1 "Ok, I am Looking For Singers, Singers, and More Singers To Help Me on This Song, "We Are The World". Lets Make This One of The Best Recordings this Song Has Ever Had!!! I Need People To just Limit Their Singing on Here To 2-3 Lines on The Verses, Every Can Join in on The Chorus's!!!!!! It Would Be Wonderful If This is for all to sing together as you may wish the only thing that is asked of you is to PLEASE put your link on here as so we can know all who has joined in & for others who want to sing along PLEASE use the LAST LINK on the page!..Thank you for joining in on this wonderful & beautiful song..... Lets Have Fun on This Song!!! -Rick-