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Below are the duets featuring jamman that appear on other members' pages.

Whiskey Lullaby

Audio Recorded
By SissyDay +6 & jamman
In the Style of Brad Paisley & A...
31 views 9 comments


Video Recorded
By patpiker +1 & jamman
In the Style of Travis Tritt
30 views 3 comments


I'm Already There

Video Recorded
By patpiker +1 & jamman
In the Style of Lonestar
37 views 3 comments

Pat piker&jamman

I Go Crazy

Video Recorded
By patpiker +1 & jamman
In the Style of Paul Davis
22 views 1 comment

Pat piker& jammon

With You I'm Born Again

Audio Recorded
By Ohiogirl & jamman
In the Style of Billy Preston & ...
18 views 0 comments

Still The Same

Video Recorded
By ReRee & jamman
In the Style of Bob Seger & The ...
53 views 5 comments

THIS IS AN AWESOME CLASSIC.......... SUNG BY: jamman........ HARMONY BY : (ME) ReRee........... I be jamman with jamman............


Video Recorded
By tjgunner & jamman
In the Style of Lionel Richie
110 views 10 comments

Thank you my brother for the great song ,hope you enjoyed this. love and miss you bro and no we are not twins, im better looking,lmao <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://mar2012designs.com/silver.css"><img src="http://mar2012designs.com/ssimages/bear30.jpg" width="100%" height="100%" id="divbg" /><div id="Ctitle" style="color:#FFFFFF;">Bear Snow Twins!</div>

Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer

Video Recorded
By KathyMarie & jamman
In the Style of Kim Carnes & Ken...
56 views 7 comments

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Close My Eyes Forever

Audio Recorded
By Shelby1976 & jamman
In the Style of Ozzy Osbourne & ...
55 views 2 comments

Colder Weather

Video Recorded
By jimbridger & jamman
In the Style of Zac Brown Band
123 views 3 comments