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Who I Was Born To Be

Video Recorded
By Mr_Ada & samiam171
In the Style of Susan Boyle
24 views 8 comments

Well my part wasn't perfect, so apologize to stef for messing her beautiful singing. Just had to sing and get those muses out of body!

Cowboy's Sweetheart

Video Recorded
By Mr_Ada & samiam171
In the Style of Leann Rimes
46 views 15 comments

One time through, that's it! LOL

Say Something

Audio Recorded
By artiejones & samiam171
In the Style of A Great Big Worl...
15 views 2 comments

I dont know whether this works or not Stef, just had to try it with you, so sad a song, but so beautiful, hope you like this. Your vocal is just amazing on this, so beautiful :)

Do They Know It's Christmas (Feed The World)

Video Recorded
By NHDaveJ & samiam171 & More
In the Style of Band Aid
80 views 1 comment

Hi, If you would like to sing, "Feed the World" Please turn ON your Video and Turn OFF your Microphone until it is time to sing... Thanks

O Holy Night (Live Version)

Video Recorded
By bootswithoutshoes & samiam171
In the Style of Josh Groban
22 views 2 comments

How daring of me to attempt to sing with such a perfect singer. But Stef, you commented recently on one of my songs, so I had to find a song to sing with you, and since I have sung this one several times recently, I thought it would be okay. I am glad that I finally backed off towards the end, because I would have lost a vocal cord if I had even attempted to hit those high notes. You are soooooo gifted, hon. Thanks for this beautiful song. :) hugs Larry

O Holy Night (Live Version)

Video Recorded
By Mr_Ada & samiam171
In the Style of Josh Groban
61 views 15 comments

I love ms stef. she is my ss angel. whenever I feel I have fallen from music she can sing a song and bring me right back at light speed. I adore this beautiful soul! I wish my voice wasn't so raspy but I cannot change how I react to my climate here in Aridzona.

Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem

Audio Recorded
By karaokeangel & samiam171
In the Style of The Judds
13 views 2 comments

Sang this as a duet with samiam171 I loved the way you sang this song I hope you do not mind I sang this with you. :) [/background]

Edelweiss (Duet Version)

Audio Recorded
By sj01 & samiam171
In the Style of The Sound Of Mus...
28 views 2 comments

Grown Up Christmas List

Audio Recorded
By Cinnamon1965 & samiam171
In the Style of Amy Grant
86 views 17 comments

FINALS Red n Rob's Duet SingOff 3 Choose ANY song listed in the SingSnap "Holiday" Category. Stefanie, It has been a great pleasure singing with you... Stefanie's part http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/c496583d2 You have a voice of an angel.. and it has been my honor to add a bit of 'Spice' to our performances... Thank you all for stopping by, and good luck!!! Cyndi

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Video Recorded
By Mr_Ada & samiam171
In the Style of The Carpenters
20 views 6 comments

Everyone knows I adore Ms. Stef!