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Below are the duets featuring annalea that appear on other members' pages.

Till We Meet Again

Video Recorded by peggyjoy & annalea in the Style of Bing Crosby & Patti Page.
35 views 25 comments

Thanks for the invitation, Anna! I didn't know the last part, either, so just followed your winging. ;)

Such A Night

Video Recorded by peggyjoy & annalea in the Style of Elvis Presley.
14 views 14 comments

A little first-thing-in-the-morning pre-tea fun with Anna! Challenging duet... but really, really fun! Thanks for opening it up, Anna! :)

What Have They Done To The Rain

Video Recorded by peggyjoy & annalea in the Style of The Searchers.
20 views 5 comments

Thanks for opening this one up, Anna! Love this sweet, sad little protest song.

Who'll Stop The Rain

Audio Recorded by LaCousine & annalea in the Style of Creedence Clearwater Revival.
15 views 8 comments

CCR...when I first heard this band I was about 12 years old. It was the time of life where I discovered MY music - not my parent's music, not my sister's music - my music. Credence was a big part of that and I think this is my very favourite of all their songs. I am so happy that Annalea opened it up for duets because she's got this tune all wrapped up.

Do You Want To Know A Secret

Video Recorded by peggyjoy & annalea in the Style of The Beatles.
22 views 10 comments

Anna was nice enough to open this up for a duet... just so I could harmonize with that last note! ;) Had to do a quickie on this one--busy day ahead. Gotta feed the calf, load up the recycling, get to the gym, shop for supplies... better get moving!

American Trilogy

Audio Recorded by Cee_42 & annalea in the Style of Elvis Presley.
16 views 9 comments

*No Graphics PLEASE.* Thanks to Anna for singing this GREAT ELVIS-SONG on Sunday and for leaving it open to duet. :) I Love this this song and couldn't RESIST singing along with you, Anna! Sorry about the "bad-timing" at times and especially for the VERY LAST NOTE OF THIS SONG! LOL ;) :( Thank you for listening and God bless you all. Hugs, Celia and Anna

Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms

Audio Recorded by Nash_Rivers & annalea in the Style of Flatt & Scruggs.
12 views 5 comments

Love those bluegrass dittys! :) What do you think guys....did we do good?

I'll Fly Away

Audio Recorded by DJRAY & annalea in the Style of Traditional.
99 views 25 comments

Ill Fly Away Anna and i

Tobacco Road

Audio Recorded by twilightzone22 & annalea in the Style of Nashville Teens.
19 views 1 comment

I did this song today as it is 2yrs. since Dan passed away & this is a song he liked so I sang it for him!..

Somewhere In My Broken Heart

Audio Recorded by peggyjoy & annalea in the Style of Billy Dean.
52 views 31 comments

I wanted to sing this song, but the key was a little low for me, so I decided to add a harmony to Anna's wonderful melody and M's gorgeous flute! Thanks, you two!