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Below are the duets featuring DennisJ that appear on other members' pages.

Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

Audio Recorded by chris1789 & DennisJ in the Style of The Casinos.
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Am I That Easy To Forget

Audio Recorded by barbaragail & DennisJ in the Style of Engelbert Humperdinck.
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CAROL AND PATSY DOOWOP GENDER BENDER STYLE. This round is to make a duet out of a regular song.. DennisJ is my partner and he Is awesome. I was late getting our song in because of my computer problems all week. DennisJ I am so sorry I can't apologize enough. Also want to apologize to all the other singers in the contest, and our two wonderful host that has to put up with a lot.. Please forgive me

Am I That Easy To Forget

Audio Recorded by WelshCaper & DennisJ in the Style of Engelbert Humperdinck.
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Absolutely Beautiful vocals from you Dennis.. Sorry I had to spoil it LOL!

White Bird

Audio Recorded by -SuzAnne- & DennisJ in the Style of It's A Beautiful Day.
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Singing with Dennis! Thank you so much, Dennis, for introducing this song to me! ! Such a long interlude til the ending chorus! Geesh! BUT!!! I am in love with this song!!

The Exodus Song (This Land Is Mine)

Audio Recorded by ricoshet & DennisJ in the Style of Andy Williams.
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In The Still Of The Night

Audio Recorded by KerryCat & DennisJ in the Style of The Five Satins.
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Danny & Sher's Double Down Doowop Duets Round Dennis and Kerry put together a duet and have called themselves "The Tender Tones". A little trivia: According to Wikipedia, this song was written by Fred Parris and recorded by his 5 Satins. It was recorded in the Saint Bernadette Catholic School basement in New Haven, Connecticut February of 1956. Although initially only a moderate hit, for 3 decades it almost always topped the influential Top 500 song countdown on oldies radio station WCBS FM. The song featured on the soundtrack of the popular movie Dirty Dancing. It is one of 2 songs that are rumored to lay claim to being the origin of the term "Doo-wop".