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A Few of My Favorite Duets (More to be added)
19 EllenG 18
my funny songs
just having fun!<a href=
15 choppper 3
playlist 1
me and trish sis
11 Baby_Bird 91
My duets with other SS peeps
'duets recorded' with others & by others <img src...
57 MmeOdileC 33
Spanky's Friends
Here are some of my friends... Still working on adding so...
100 Spanky 9
scott's SS fav's
a mix of everything,MOSTLY MY BABY,OF HER AND I,SOME OF M...
29 scottc 10
Stuff I like
stuff I like
24 onetrickpony 32
My List
my vocals
45 phonepat 61
love the songs
My fav songs from other people
17 DeputyLoco 13
Great Music
This is a list of all my favourite songs on singsnap
47 ScottishLad 36
Stop... duet time!
Some of my favorite duets!!!!
47 sunshine_princess 13
my faves
exactly what it says,, my faves :)
51 Little_Wing 81 +1
Cantare's Harmonies
<table><tr><td><img align="cent...
17 cantare 6
ConnieG's Favourite Recordings
My Ultimate Favourites audio only songs on site by Snapp...
17 ConnieG 96
Team Earth
Round 1 Snapaholics
14 Jimmycfred 5
Team Fire
Round 1 Snapaholics
17 Jimmycfred 5
Team Water
Round 1 Snapaholics
16 Jimmycfred 5
LOL....I wanted to create one of me singing...sorry : )
16 Grover 2
Best of Snap
Best of Snap
16 Calif-Redneck
32 silkysylvia 39
Team Air
Round 1 Snapaholics
12 Jimmycfred 5
my duets with my friends , these are very special to me ,...
24 choppper 3
OMG! You guys have to listen to her......
10 Grover 2
my best songs
the songs i did that i like best<a href=
49 choppper 3
Karaokemom's Songs So Far
Country Classics
16 Karaokemom 14